Detox program for the fall. What is a detox

Recent­ly, nutri­tion­ists and advo­cates of a healthy lifestyle are increas­ing­ly using the word detox. Increas­ing­ly, Inter­net users are offered to go through a detox pro­gram in order to cleanse the body of tox­ins, tox­ins, and at the same time improve their health using oth­er meth­ods. What is a detox and is it nec­es­sary?

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Reviews of var­i­ous detox pro­grams only con­firm their effec­tive­ness. But is it pos­si­ble to go through this on your own, at home? Of course yes, we say! You just need to know the right recipes and take into account the rules of the detox diet.

Detox is the cleans­ing of the body from a vari­ety of “garbage”.

Regard­less of our desire, var­i­ous “waste” accu­mu­lates in the body: undi­gest­ed food, heavy met­al salts, chem­i­cal residues that have entered with air, water, cos­met­ics, and med­i­cines.

All these tox­ins are declared by our body as ene­my No. 1 and “mil­i­tary oper­a­tions” begin to expel them out.

How­ev­er, the lifestyle and unfa­vor­able eco­log­i­cal envi­ron­ment weak­ens the body, and it is no longer able to get rid of unnec­es­sary garbage on its own, then cleans­ing pro­grams — detox pro­grams — come to the res­cue to car­ry out a gen­er­al clean­ing of the body.

Rules for holding

A detox diet only works when the diet is strict­ly fol­lowed.


  • green smooth­ies,
  • fruit smooth­ies,
  • green sal­ads,
  • puree soups,
  • super­foods.

It is rec­om­mend­ed to drink plen­ty of flu­ids: pure water or herbal tea.

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It is forbidden:

  • white flour and pas­tries from it,
  • sweets con­tain­ing sug­ar
  • foods con­tain­ing salt
  • fast food,
  • car­bon­at­ed drinks and juices from pack­ages,
  • fried and fat­ty foods
  • meat and dairy prod­ucts (except dairy prod­ucts),
  • pota­toes, bananas.

We also exclude alco­hol and cof­fee dur­ing the detox.

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Yes, food aus­ter­i­ty awaits you, but the result is worth it! You will get rid of excess weight, your skin will become radi­ant and wrin­kles will dis­ap­pear, you will receive such a boost of ener­gy that you will move moun­tains in order to achieve what you want. If you suf­fer from diges­tive prob­lems, get rid of them.

But this is not the way to give up the usu­al food from the bay. Detox requires spe­cial prepa­ra­tion!

Preparation: hardening, training

To start a detox pro­gram, you need to care­ful­ly pre­pare.
Did you like green sal­ads? Have to love. Not just switch to their use, but to fall in love. For noth­ing imposed by force will not give a good result. Yes, and the body may not be able to cope, and this threat­ens not only to “jump” from the diet, but even to a health fail­ure.
Prepa­ra­tion for a detox includes a grad­ual rejec­tion of harm­ful, albeit famil­iar foods and the inclu­sion of rec­om­mend­ed ones in the diet instead: replace white bread, and black bread too, with grains, peeled rice with brown, sweets with fruits.

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Well, you’ve got­ten used to the new food. Now you can pro­ceed direct­ly to the detox, which can take from sev­er­al days to sev­er­al weeks.
The best time to cleanse the body is autumn or spring. Ide­al­ly, go on vaca­tion and retire some­where in the moun­tains, in the coun­try or on the ocean coast. Does not exceed?

Then detox time is def­i­nite­ly not the last days of the old year or the end of the quar­ter when dead­lines are falling on your head.

Detox retreat

With enough funds, you can enhance the effect of a detox diet with SPA treat­ments, class­es with yoga or Pilates instruc­tors, and nutri­tion. Vis­it exot­ic mas­sage par­lors.

Help you with this detox retreats, held in var­i­ous beau­ti­ful places around the world. They will pick up food for you, orga­nize a regime — all that remains is to strict­ly fol­low the sched­ule and admire the pic­turesque land­scapes.

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The most pop­u­lar places for retreats are Thai­land, Cyprus, Spain and Eng­land. Fans of such pro­grams are movie stars and show busi­ness. And for good rea­son: here they leave about four or five extra pounds.

Home delivery

If you don’t have a lot of mon­ey or time to bask in the rays of the sun set­ting in the abyss of the ocean, numer­ous com­pa­nies that devel­op detox pro­grams will pro­vide you with a detox. They deliv­er smooth­ies and fresh­ly squeezed juices direct­ly to your home. More­over, with each serv­ing of detox food, you will also receive a sched­ule for when and how much you need to absorb all this. The dura­tion of the pro­gram depends on you. We rec­om­mend doing a detox for five to sev­en days.

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Economy option

The most bud­get option for detox is self-devel­op­ment of the pro­gram. This will help spe­cial­ized sites.

At this point, you are “a direc­tor for your­self”, that is, an instruc­tor, a cook and a patient. If you get into detox pro­grams enough that you can teach oth­ers, then you can also earn extra mon­ey by tak­ing the lib­er­ty of lead­ing detox groups.

Sample menu of the autumn 7‑day detox diet:

You can eat 4–5 times a day.

The first day.
Sal­ad of raw cab­bage, beets and herbs with veg­etable oil. Apple juice.

Sec­ond day.
2 apples, oat­meal on the water with wild berries.

Day three.
500g low-fat cot­tage cheese, 2 apples, 10 pieces of prunes.

Day four.
1 apple (can be baked). Berry smooth­ie with yogurt

Day five.
Buck­wheat por­ridge with veg­etable oil and herbs (dill, pars­ley, onion).

Day six.
Boiled beans with herbs.

Day sev­en.
Buck­wheat, veg­e­tar­i­an cab­bage rolls, car­rot sal­ad.

Smoothie Recipe:

100 g of any berries

250 ml of kefir or yogurt.

Mix in a blender.

Detox is a dif­fi­cult path that is impor­tant to go through with­out stum­bling. If you are ready to start, know the main thing: it’s worth it! A detox pro­gram will not only help you lose weight and lose weight — it will cleanse and heal both body and soul. Reviews say that detox gives unprece­dent­ed light­ness and puri­ty of per­cep­tion — as if you are reborn again.

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