How to get rid of a sore throat: five home remedies

Octo­ber 09, 2017, 22:45

Nature has every­thing for our health. We decid­ed to look into her bins and look for safe and at the same time effec­tive reme­dies for sore throats. Many recipes will seem famil­iar to you, because they were in con­stant ser­vice with our moth­ers and grand­moth­ers.

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1. Fir oil

Dip a cot­ton swab into the oil and lubri­cate the ton­sils in the throat. It is also use­ful to rub fir oil into the skin of the neck in the area of ​​the ton­sils.

2. Beet juice

Fresh beet juice con­sid­ered an excel­lent rem­e­dy for sore throats. A glass of juice is mixed with 1 tbsp. a spoon­ful of wine or apple cider vine­gar and gar­gle 3–4 times a day.

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3. Onion syrup

Odd­ly enough, but it turns out to be very pleas­ant to the taste. To pre­pare, cut the onion into 2–3 parts. Place the slices in a jar in lay­ers, sprin­kling the lay­ers with sug­ar. The jar should be placed overnight in a not very hot place. Lemon juice can be added to the fin­ished syrup. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day.

4. Honey chewing gum

Bee prod­ucts have a heal­ing pow­er in rela­tion to dis­eases of the nasophar­ynx. If you are wor­ried about a sore throat, chew hon­ey­comb or propo­lis. Remem­ber that real propo­lis should ini­tial­ly cause a burn­ing sen­sa­tion in the mouth.

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5. Garlic syrup

Take 8 cloves, grind and add 8 tbsp. table­spoons of wine vine­gar. Put the mix­ture in the refrig­er­a­tor overnight. In the morn­ing, add 50 g of dark hon­ey. To quick­ly get rid of pain, you need to take 2 tea­spoons in your mouth. table­spoons of the result­ing mix­ture and hold until com­plete­ly absorbed.

Of course, you can try these grand­moth­er’s recipes for your­self, but why suf­fer so much?

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