Medicinal properties of spices

Medicinal properties of spices

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Octo­ber 18, 2017, 22:12

With the help of prop­er­ly select­ed spices, even the most ordi­nary and bor­ing dish can be made com­plete­ly spe­cial and unique.

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Did you know that spices can not only enrich the taste of food, but also be ben­e­fi­cial for your health? “Liza” will tell you what you need to add to food to get rid of some unpleas­ant ail­ments.

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  • Are there signs of a cold? Pre­pare a drink with fresh­ly grat­ed gin­ger. It is famous for its anti-cold prop­er­ties.
  • Pro­tract­ed bron­chi­tis is easy to defeat with car­damom.
  • Have you eat­en any­thing and now you suf­fer from excru­ci­at­ing diar­rhea? The dis­or­der will stop the corian­der.
  • Mus­tard will relieve a hang­over syn­drome, and it will also cure the flu, because it has warm­ing prop­er­ties.
  • Saf­fron is the best rem­e­dy for depres­sion. Add this spice to your food to com­bat the autumn blues.
  • Liv­er prob­lems? Cook with turmer­ic — it is very use­ful for this impor­tant inter­nal organ.
  • If you have no appetite, sea­son your dish­es with cumin or black pep­per, and very soon you will for­get that you could not force your­self to eat.

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