Named disease of the rich

Octo­ber 19, 2017, 22:07

Social sta­tus and finan­cial wealth can be direct­ly linked to a high risk of get­ting can­cer. This con­clu­sion was made by doc­tors from the UK and the USA..

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The study involved women aged 15 to 39 who belonged to dif­fer­ent social stra­ta.

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Accord­ing to the results of the study, experts found a rela­tion­ship between high finan­cial sta­tus and skin can­cer. It turned out that a com­mon dis­ease among wealthy British and Amer­i­can women is melanoma (skin can­cer) and called this dis­ease “the dis­ease of rich peo­ple.”

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The fact is that in the stud­ied group of rich women, skin can­cer occurs 70% more often than in less well-to-do res­i­dents of the Unit­ed States and Eng­land.

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And this is explained very sim­ply. The fact is that wealthy women often vis­it var­i­ous sun­ny resorts and spa treat­ments, in par­tic­u­lar a solar­i­um. And as you know, the main pro­vok­ing fac­tor in the occur­rence of skin can­cer is pre­cise­ly ultra­vi­o­let radi­a­tion.

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But on the oth­er hand, wealthy women can afford qual­i­ty med­ical ser­vices, so in most cas­es, melanoma is diag­nosed in the ear­ly stages and can be treat­ed.


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