Top 5 folk remedies for high blood pressure

Octo­ber 15, 2017, 04:25 PM

Peo­ple with high blood pres­sure often suf­fer from a sharp change in weath­er con­di­tions. To nor­mal­ize pres­sure and relieve symp­toms, we rec­om­mend sev­er­al folk reme­dies.

folk remedies for pressure

But before you start using, be sure to con­sult your doc­tor.

1. Lemon

folk remedies for pressure

Potas­si­um, mag­ne­sium and oth­er ben­e­fi­cial sub­stances in the com­po­si­tion of the lemon have a pos­i­tive effect on the health of blood ves­sels and the heart. And also lemon helps reg­u­late the release of the hor­mone angiotensin, which con­tributes to high blood pres­sure. The main thing — when using, fol­low the norm so as not to harm the diges­tive sys­tem.

2. Green tea

folk remedies for pressure

Weak green tea will help to nor­mal­ize the pres­sure, after reg­u­lar use of which a sta­ble pres­sure with­in the nor­mal range will be observed. For mod­er­ate con­sump­tion, 2 cups of tea per day will suf­fice.

3. Viburnum

folk remedies for pressure

With increased pres­sure, a few vibur­num berries, pound­ed with hon­ey, will help. The nor­mal­iza­tion of pres­sure in this case is facil­i­tat­ed by the diuret­ic effect of vibur­num, which helps to get rid of excess water in the body and reduce pres­sure in the ves­sels.

4. Rosehip

folk remedies for pressure

To cope with high blood pres­sure, you can brew rose hips or sim­ply pour water over the berries for sev­er­al hours.

5. Chokeberry

folk remedies for pressure

Wide­spread folk rem­e­dy for high blood pres­sure. To nor­mal­ize the pres­sure in the ves­sels, it is rec­om­mend­ed to eat 5–6 berries a day or take 2 table­spoons of juice from the berries 3 times a day.

Edi­tor’s Tip: To avoid blood pres­sure prob­lems, fol­low the prin­ci­ples of a healthy diet, keep your weight with­in lim­its, get out­doors reg­u­lar­ly and exer­cise.

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