5 foods that make you want to eat even more

If you are deter­mined to lose weight, we rec­om­mend that you, first of all, avoid a num­ber of prod­ucts that fur­ther con­tribute to weight gain.

Texas nutri­tion­ists have named five foods that make you want to eat even more.

1. Energy bars



Bars, fruit yoghurts and some dried fruits con­tain a large amount of sug­ar, which can neg­a­tive­ly affect the fig­ure. After their con­sump­tion, the lev­el of glu­cose in the blood ris­es sharply, and then just as quick­ly drops, which makes a per­son feel hun­gry and forms a ten­den­cy to overeat. It is bet­ter to sat­is­fy hunger with nat­ur­al fruits or nuts.

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2. Milk chocolate

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By eat­ing milk choco­late, a per­son has an increased desire to eat some­thing sweet or fat­ty again. There­fore, it is bet­ter to replace milk choco­late with dark choco­late, and eat no more than 30 grams per day.

3. Ice cream

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This mul­ti-calo­rie prod­uct is very dan­ger­ous for the fig­ure. More­over, after eat­ing a por­tion of ice cream, the brain does not imme­di­ate­ly receive a sati­ety sig­nal, but only after 30 min­utes, and the body requires more food, as a result of which we overeat again.

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4. Cakes



Muffins, choco­late brown­ies, and oth­er con­fec­tionery also spike blood sug­ar lev­els and stim­u­late appetite. Avoid these sweets.

5. Chips

chips - photo

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The chips con­tain a large amount of salt, which leads to an excess of the dai­ly calo­rie intake by 11% and overeat­ing. After eat­ing chips, a per­son can­not under­stand at all whether he is full or hun­gry.


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