5 psychological reasons that prevent you from losing weight

Octo­ber 07, 2017, 21:45

Los­ing weight is pre­vent­ed not only by bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle, but also by a num­ber of psy­cho­log­i­cal rea­sons, which will be dis­cussed lat­er.

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1. Slimming clothes

Every girl who is dis­sat­is­fied with her weight has at least one “for bet­ter times” trousers hang­ing in her clos­et. In patho­log­i­cal cas­es, you make strange pur­chas­es: you delib­er­ate­ly acquire things that lit­er­al­ly “do not con­verge on the bel­ly.” You assign the role of a moti­va­tor to these inno­cent pieces of fab­ric. Alas, such things run the risk of set­tling in the clos­et for­ev­er. Thrown away mon­ey! In extreme cas­es, you will some­times pull them on, but you will be uncom­fort­able in them.

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2. Obsession with mistakes

Focus­ing on your short­com­ings, you instant­ly form a neg­a­tive “I‑image”. Which does not lead to a sense of self-con­fi­dence or ade­quate self-esteem. We make a lot of mis­takes every day. If you scold your­self for every­one, you can plunge into depres­sion for­ev­er — because of your own worth­less­ness.

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And for a hap­py and ful­fill­ing life, you must pro­tect your­self from exter­nal stress­es and devel­op. But don’t beat your­self up!

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3. Permanent weight control

You can go crazy every day stand­ing on the scales and see­ing dif­fer­ent val­ues ​​there. But weight mat­ters very lit­tle. First, it varies through­out the day. Sec­ond­ly, in women, it also changes depend­ing on the men­stru­al cycle. It is much more impor­tant to be healthy and ath­let­ic.

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4. Notice only flaws in appearance

If you pay atten­tion only to what you do not like about your­self, you can feel like a real ugly. So, put an end to your self-esteem, per­son­al rela­tion­ships, and career. Bet­ter con­cen­trate on your strengths and try to devel­op them fur­ther.

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5. Motivate yourself to play sports by considering sports girls

A tiny per­cent­age can look at pho­tos of fit, beefy women and con­stant­ly burn with enthu­si­asm, “I want that too.” Rather, we look at them with long­ing and envy. The thought “I will nev­er be like her” will only make you go not to the gym, but for anoth­er cake.

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It should be under­stood that most of those depict­ed in these pho­tos are fit­ness mod­els who have not just a hob­by, but a job, their life’s work is to look beau­ti­ful. Are you ready to put on the altar every­thing that you live now? Scrupu­lous­ly count­ing calo­ries for years, exer­cis­ing every day with cycling peri­ods of mass gain and dry­ing? Ditch your health, espe­cial­ly in the female part? This goal does not jus­ti­fy such efforts and sac­ri­fices.


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