Beach holidays: tips, life hacks and dangers

12 August 2017, 09:50

Before head­ing to the beach and swim­ming in the cool water of a pond or riv­er, take care of your safe­ty and take advan­tage of our beach life hacks.

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In sum­mer, all thoughts are about the sea, lake or riv­er. To make your beach hol­i­day enjoy­able and safe, take note of our help­ful tips.

avoid ducks

They are so cute, they quack so fun­ny — it would seem, what harm can these harm­less birds bring? How­ev­er, in stag­nant water where ducks live, cer­cari­ae, the lar­vae of bird worms, are often found. Worth a cou­ple of min­utes to wan­der along the shore knee-deep in water — and for two weeks you are pro­vid­ed with itch­ing and high fever. And the beach hol­i­day will be hope­less­ly spoiled.

take care of your eyes

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Swim­ming in the city, it is bet­ter not to dive head­long. Espe­cial­ly close to the coast. And if you real­ly want to dive, pro­tect your eyes with gog­gles for swim­ming. Oth­er­wise, you can eas­i­ly pick up con­junc­tivi­tis. Its pathogens, staphy­lo­coc­ci and pneu­mo­coc­ci, often live in the coastal waters of ponds and lakes.

Don’t lie on the sand

Sand on city beach­es is a guar­an­teed breed­ing ground for all kinds of infec­tion. Indeed, in addi­tion to peo­ple, there are local stray cats and dogs, as well as mice, rats, etc. And peo­ple care lit­tle about clean­li­ness. Cig­a­rette butts, paper, bro­ken glass — all this accu­mu­lates in the sand for years. There­fore, it is bet­ter to spend time on beach­es that are offi­cial­ly declared recre­ation areas and where swim­ming is allowed. Garbage is removed there, sand is mixed and fresh is added.

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Don’t go barefoot

This pre­cau­tion will pro­tect not only from the fun­gus, which is easy to pick up in places of mass recre­ation, but also from injuries. And it is bet­ter to go into the water in spe­cial slip­pers for swim­ming. The bot­tom of urban and sub­ur­ban reser­voirs is lit­tered with all sorts of trau­mat­ic frag­ments, debris, etc. And even in seclud­ed places where vaca­tion­ers rarely vis­it, you can run into a sharp shell. If you fol­low these pre­cau­tions, your beach hol­i­day will be with­out excess­es.

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