Beneficial for the figure: milk

No won­der the strate­gic reserve of the state includes con­densed milk. After all, the val­ue of milk for health is dif­fi­cult to over­es­ti­mate.

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Three dairy prod­ucts a day
This is how much nutri­tion­ists rec­om­mend using to main­tain strong immu­ni­ty and a toned fig­ure. In this way, we can get 80% of the dai­ly intake of cal­ci­um, an ele­ment impor­tant for our health (see table).

100% health and fig­ure ben­e­fits
Cot­tage cheese, kefir and oth­er mem­bers of the dairy fam­i­ly are valu­able because they are rich not only in pro­teins, but also in fats. The lat­ter are need­ed for the absorp­tion of trace ele­ments and vit­a­mins (most of them are fat-sol­u­ble). Lack of fat can cause a mal­func­tion in the hor­mon­al sys­tem and lead to strong fluc­tu­a­tions in weight.

There­fore, even if you count every calo­rie, do not deny your­self nat­ur­al dairy prod­ucts with nat­ur­al fat con­tent. Con­densed milk, for exam­ple, can be dilut­ed with warm water: the nutri­tion­al val­ue will decrease, but the vit­a­mins will be pre­served!


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