Homemade masks for oily hair

09 August 2017, 10:48

How often oily hair cre­ates a prob­lem not only for women, but also for men. Most solve it by resort­ing to dai­ly hair wash­ing. But it is not good for both hair and scalp. Besides, it takes a lot of time. Home­made masks for oily hair will help you. The task of the mask is to remove sebum and reduce its pro­duc­tion. Apply a mask before wash­ing your hair.

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Per­fect­ly cope with oily hair grass. But remem­ber that most herbs dry the skin, so they should not be used often, and after a month you need to take a break for 2–3 weeks.

1. Mix equal parts dried hop cones, cal­en­du­la flow­ers, birch leaves and bur­dock root. Take 50 g of the mix­ture and insist on a glass of heat­ed nat­ur­al light beer. Then strain. Apply the infu­sion to the hair roots with a cot­ton swab. When the hair dries a lit­tle, wash off the mix­ture with reg­u­lar sham­poo or rinse with water and vine­gar.

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2. Wipe the scalp sev­er­al times a week with alco­hol tinc­ture of cal­en­du­la. The hair is then washed as desired.

An addi­tion­al tool for the nor­mal­iza­tion of the seba­ceous glands can be some fruits and veg­eta­bles.

1. Grate the onion. Take 2 table­spoons of onion juice mixed with the same amount of cas­tor oil. Apply the mix­ture on the scalp with mas­sag­ing move­ments. Wrap your head with poly­eth­yl­ene and a tow­el for half an hour. Then wash your hair with sham­poo.

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2. Quince. Pour the core of the fruit with seeds with a glass of water and boil for 10 min­utes. Rub the decoc­tion into the scalp half an hour before wash­ing your hair.

3. Lemon-car­rot juice. Mix lemon and car­rot juices in a 2:1 ratio. Then mas­sage the mix­ture into your scalp. Wash your hair after an hour.

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4. Cucum­ber. Mix 3 table­spoons of cucum­ber pulp with 1 table­spoon of hon­ey and 2 table­spoons of water. Apply to scalp and hair. Wrap your head with poly­eth­yl­ene and a tow­el for 40 min­utes. Then wash your hair. It is worth mak­ing a mask once or twice a week, depend­ing on the degree of oili­ness of the hair.

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5. Egg-based masks help to reduce the oily shine of the hair and nour­ish the hair. Add a lit­tle water to 2 table­spoons of mus­tard until a homo­ge­neous gru­el is obtained. Then add the egg yolk to the gru­el, mix thor­ough­ly and add a lit­tle more warm water. Apply the mix­ture on the scalp and hair. Wrap with a hat and tow­el. Wash off after 40 min­utes.


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