how to cleanse your body without stress

We usu­al­ly think about detox at the begin­ning of spring, when, wak­ing up from hiber­na­tion, we begin to clean our feath­ers. But a reg­u­lar detox nev­er hurts, and at the end of the sum­mer, a time-out for the body to achieve phys­i­cal and ener­gy bal­ance is espe­cial­ly good.

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After a cycle of detox­i­fi­ca­tion comes pep, fresh­ness of the mind. And a cou­ple of unnec­es­sary kilo­grams go away. And there is noth­ing com­pli­cat­ed in detox, and the prin­ci­ple of the pro­gram is as fol­lows: a light diet allows the body not to spend enor­mous ener­gy on digest­ing food, but to devote all its strength to its recov­ery. And besides that, to put it blunt­ly, there are good bad bac­te­ria in our gut. So the bad ones, who feed on sug­ar and yeast, with­out receiv­ing this food, die. And the good ones, who need fiber, on the con­trary, get stronger — and dur­ing the detox, we just eat fiber-rich foods.

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Well, anoth­er nice bonus of detox is that when you reduce the calo­rie con­tent of the diet, fat is burned, a well-known accu­mu­la­tor of tox­ins.

The opti­mal dura­tion of a home detox pro­gram is 3–7 days.

Drink: a lot of liq­uid. Drink water, water with lemon, water brewed with dan­de­lion, net­tle, rose­mary. For 500 ml of hot water — a pinch of leaves. Before going to bed, drink chamomile tea, it calms the nerves, improves diges­tion, relieves heav­i­ness in the stom­ach. In the morn­ing, a glass of warm water with lemon will wash away tox­ins and food debris from the walls of the stom­ach and intestines, “wake up” the liv­er and speed up metab­o­lism, replen­ish mois­ture bal­ance. But cold water, instead of acti­vat­ing the metab­o­lism, will block it.

Food: Delete meat, eggs, cof­fee, choco­late, sug­ar, flour and dairy prod­ucts from the menu. Include white rice in the menu (due to the high con­tent of potas­si­um, it effec­tive­ly elim­i­nates tox­ins and excess salt), raw, stewed and baked veg­eta­bles, seafood. Eat 3–5 times a day for 100–150 g.

Spices: add fen­nel seeds to your meals. They not only give dish­es a spicy fla­vor, but also low­er blood sug­ar lev­els, help the liv­er, kid­neys and spleen.

Scrub and a hard leather brush should be used dai­ly.

Phys­i­cal exer­cise enhance the effect of the detox pro­gram: move­ment improves blood cir­cu­la­tion and speeds up metab­o­lism. But it is bet­ter to refuse exces­sive loads and exhaust­ing work­outs.

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Vegetable smoothies — it’s elementary

  1. Cucum­ber — mint — apple. The result is a low-calo­rie, tasty cock­tail with opti­mal acid­i­ty. Use mint more often, it per­fect­ly sat­is­fies hunger and helps to cope with swelling.
  2. Cucum­ber — pars­ley. Every­thing inge­nious is sim­ple! This com­bi­na­tion goes great in the sum­mer, in the heat. Cucum­ber will pro­vide nour­ish­ing mois­ture, and pars­ley — a dai­ly dose of such valu­able carotene.
  3. Car­rot — kiwi — gin­ger — apple. Per­fect­ly tones, speeds up the metab­o­lism, this smooth­ie is rich in min­er­als. There is a lot of vit­a­min C here, the lack of which is observed in every sec­ond per­son in the world.
  4. Cel­ery — pear — cucum­ber. The most effec­tive cock­tail in the fight against extra pounds. Cel­ery plays a par­tic­u­lar­ly impor­tant role here.
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Pump­kin puree soup

Ingre­di­ents: 700 g pump­kin pulp, 2 tbsp. l. olive oil, 200 ml milk, ½ large apple, 2 car­rots, 900 ml water, 2 onions, 2 tbsp. l. low fat sour cream.


Coarse­ly chop the veg­eta­bles (put the gin­ger aside for now) and, stir­ring, sim­mer the car­cass­es in oil for about 10 min­utes. Add stewed veg­eta­bles to boil­ing water, bring to a boil and add chopped gin­ger. Boil over low heat for 15 min­utes. When the soup has cooled, grind it with a blender, grad­u­al­ly intro­duc­ing milk. Before serv­ing, put a low-fat sour cream cut into strips of an apple a day.


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