How to escape the heat

When the heat envelops the city and it seems that every­thing around is melt­ing, it is also pos­si­ble — and nec­es­sary! — live a full life. Save our tips!

1. How to cool down at home
If there is no air con­di­tion­ing, close the win­dows with wet sheets — hot air will be less like­ly to enter the rooms. Take a cool show­er before bed to help you fall asleep. If it is very hot, cov­er your­self with a damp sheet (soak­ing it in cold water, and then wring­ing it out well). Don’t for­get to put a glass of water next to your bed in case you get thirsty at night.

2. How to cool off out­side
Will you have to spend a lot of time out­side? Take an aspirin before leav­ing the house. It thins the blood, low­ers the tem­per­a­ture. Only take aspirin after meals, as it irri­tates the stom­ach.

3. In the heat near the water

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When it’s hot out­side, every­one is drawn to the beach. But you should not go into the water as soon as you come to a riv­er or lake. The tem­per­a­ture dif­fer­ence can pro­voke vasospasm. There­fore, first rest in the shade, and then swim.

4. How to eat in the heat
In the heat, for­get about heavy food — fat­ty, fried and meat prod­ucts. They are dif­fi­cult to digest, and this leads to an increase in body tem­per­a­ture. All veg­eta­bles and fruits cool the body. Let them dom­i­nate your diet on hot days. And don’t for­get to drink plen­ty of water.

5. The ben­e­fits of yoga for the heat

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Some asanas have been proven to help you sur­vive the heat. So, for exam­ple, the cat pose and the lotus pose sta­bi­lize the ener­gy flows in the body, relax the ner­vous sys­tem and cre­ate a feel­ing of cool­ness through­out the body. Each asana should be per­formed for 20–30 sec­onds.

6. Healthy dessert in the heat
Pre­pare the sor­bet. This tasty and light del­i­ca­cy is more refresh­ing than ice cream. You will need 450 g of any berries or fruits, 50 g of pow­dered sug­ar, juice of half a lemon and 150 g of yogurt. Grind the fruits in a blender, add sug­ar, lemon juice, beat every­thing in a mix­er. Mix yogurt with fruit and berry puree, put in the freez­er for 2 hours. Beat again with a mix­er and put in the freez­er. After 2 hours every­thing is ready!

7. Drink mint tea

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Nutri­tion­ists believe that thirst is best quenched not by ice water, but by warm, weak tea, to which mint can be added — for fresh­ness. The fact is that warm tea, not hav­ing a big dif­fer­ence with body tem­per­a­ture, is absorbed faster in the intestines and quench­es thirst in a short time.

Edi­tor’s advice. Do you live in the coun­try dur­ing the sum­mer? If you don’t already have an auto­mat­ic water­ing sys­tem, buy one. Then the site will always be fresh, and you do not need to waste time water­ing.

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