How to get yourself in order in minutes: 10 tricks

Octo­ber 03, 2017, 22:55

If you have an impor­tant meet­ing com­ing up, and there is absolute­ly no time to “bring it up”, don’t wor­ry: keep our tips!

We will tell you about 10 ways to become beau­ti­ful very quick­ly, but do not abuse these express meth­ods. Self-care still requires a thor­ough approach. For exam­ple, the cream should be applied no lat­er than half an hour before leav­ing the house — so that the make­up does not float.

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1. How to restore shine to hair
The sum­mer heat ruined the look of the hair­style: did the hair become dry and lost its shine? To quick­ly “bring them to their sens­es”, rub a drop of hair oil between your palms and apply it to the strands from the roots to the mid­dle of the length. Blow dry your hair, curl­ing the ends slight­ly with your fin­gers.

2. How to improve the appear­ance of nails
The look of the nails is not very good, but there is no time to make a full-fledged man­i­cure? Try an orig­i­nal way to give them a more well-groomed look: light­ly sprin­kle them with glit­ter hair­spray.

3. Split ends

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Apply a minute mask to wet hair. To enhance its effect, direct a warm jet of a hair dry­er onto your hair.

4. Too bright blush
Want­i­ng to empha­size the cheek­bones, you obvi­ous­ly over­did it with blush in a hur­ry? Blot your skin with a damp cloth and apply loose pow­der with a wide brush.

5. If the self-tan­ner is uneven
Even out the skin with bronze pow­der, the tone of which will cor­re­spond to the dark­est area. Scrub a lit­tle before apply­ing self-tan­ner next time.

6. Pil­low marks

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A “rum­pled” face in the morn­ing indi­cates insuf­fi­cient skin hydra­tion. Pil­low marks will instant­ly be removed by a cream mask with aloe, which keeps the liq­uid inside the skin. We advise you to replace your cream with a deep mois­tur­iz­er.

7. Pale look
You didn’t have time to tan and it makes you look pale and tired? Red lip­stick will help out — with it, light skin will take on an aris­to­crat­ic look. The main thing is to choose the right shade: cold rasp­ber­ry or bright scar­let. Make­up for the eyes and cheek­bones is not need­ed with this look!

8. Rough hands
Take a hand scrub or a mild facial peel­ing cream and mas­sage your brush­es for 30 sec­onds. Rinse with water, apply a drop of almond or peach oil. Dry your hands with a tis­sue.

9. The face ugly shines

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Soak a cot­ton pad with lemon juice and wipe the skin. The effect will be no worse than mat­ting wipes!

10. How to hide wrin­kles
Use a facial exfo­lia­tor. Serum with light-reflect­ing pig­ments will help hide small wrin­kles.

Edi­tor’s advice. To keep up with every­thing and not try to bring beau­ty at the last moment in a mat­ter of min­utes, train your sense of time. Set the stop­watch for 5 min­utes, close your eyes and men­tal­ly fix this time. After a few work­outs, you will feel the time bet­ter and more accu­rate­ly!

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