Products that will relieve chronic fatigue

Which of us is not famil­iar with the desire to bury our face deep­er into the pil­low at the wake of the alarm clock, call work and tell in a sick voice that it’s very, very bad and it’s impos­si­ble to come to the office, say “no” to all house­hold duties on the week­end and lie on the couch all week­end with­out doing any­thing?


If you don’t have enough ener­gy to per­form even basic tasks (going to work, cook­ing, play­ing with the kids, tak­ing care of your­self), it’s time to dras­ti­cal­ly… change your diet!

Fol­low­ing 8 sim­ple tips, you will feel a surge of strength and vig­or in two weeks.

  1. Start your morn­ing with break­fast. Food is one of the main sources of ener­gy in your body (if you are not a yogi and do not eat prana). Eat well, don’t starve your­self, and fol­low a diet.
  2. Eat fresh food. As sad as it is, the good stuff starts to dis­ap­pear from your meals a few hours after you take the pot off the stove. The ben­e­fits of sal­ad on your plate are reduced even more rapid­ly: it is advis­able to eat it with­in 40 min­utes after prepa­ra­tion.
  3. For 2 weeks, refrain from red meat, while adding more fruits and veg­eta­bles to the diet. East­ern teach­ings tell us that fruits ripened under the rays of the sun are able to trans­fer the ener­gy of light to our body.
  4. Put a taboo on cof­fee, sweet soda and alco­hol. Yes, with­out cof­fee it’s hard to even open your eyes if you are always tired. But these prod­ucts cause a sharp short-term rise in strength — and an equal­ly sharp, but longer decline.
  5. Avoid milk and white choco­late and canned juices. A large amount of sug­ar con­tained in them does not con­tribute to good health.
  6. Slow car­bo­hy­drates can give you a large ener­gy reserve: buck­wheat, rice, mil­let, wheat por­ridge, oat­meal, durum pas­ta, olive oil, hon­ey and nuts. Such food will sat­u­rate you and sup­ply your body with the nec­es­sary trace ele­ments.
  7. Eat calm­ly, with­out being dis­tract­ed by a com­put­er, TV or read­ing. Enjoy the taste of every spoon­ful. Thus, you will increase the per­cent­age of assim­i­la­tion of food.
  8. Once a week arrange your­self a fast­ing day, so that your body recov­ers more effi­cient­ly, cleared of tox­ins. Choose a light menu to your lik­ing and devote a day to cleans­ing and heal­ing the body.

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