Salt: how much, when and how? Salt with crushed herbs and spices. Recipe

Sub­tleties of home cook­ing: Salt­ing dish­es cor­rect­ly is a very impor­tant skill. Each prod­uct requires its own approach here, and the tech­nol­o­gy of prepa­ra­tion also mat­ters. Cook­ing pas­ta? We salt the water! Ready for a bar­be­cue? Adding salt to the mari­nade! And salt the fried pota­toes at the very end, oth­er­wise it will become too soft and absorb excess fat …

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In pur­suit of taste sen­sa­tions, we often add more salt to dish­es than is nec­es­sary for the body, but phys­i­o­log­i­cal norm 5 grams of salt per day is con­sid­ered (less than a tea­spoon!). And do not for­get that ready-made meat prod­ucts, semi-fin­ished prod­ucts, canned food and even bread con­tain a lot of salt. (Heater on the table, over­lay on the back!)

When and how to add salt?

meat broth salt 25–30 min­utes before the end of cook­ing meat, fish broth, pota­toes — at the begin­ning of cook­ing, legumes — only after soft­en­ing.

Meat, veg­eta­bles, fish salt before fry­ing, and bread­ed semi-fin­ished prod­ucts — before bread­ing or in the process of bread­ing.

● From veg­eta­bles only pota­to should be salt­ed before the end of fry­ing.

Liv­er it is bet­ter to salt at the very end, oth­er­wise it will turn out to be too tough.

● In sauces salt is added to taste before the end of their prepa­ra­tion.

● To reduce your salt intake, try replac­ing it with salt with chopped herbs and spices.

You can cook well salt with herbs and spices her­self! For this

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  • 100 g coarse table salt
  • 15 g of a mix­ture of dry chopped pars­ley and gar­lic
  • 1 tea­spoon a spoon­ful of all­spice-peas
  • 1 table. spoon of pink pep­per
  • 1 table. a bed of dried shal­lots
  • 10 star anise


  1. Pour salt into a her­met­i­cal­ly sealed jar or oth­er con­tain­er, mix with dry chopped pars­ley and gar­lic. Add all­spice, pink pep­per­corns, dried shal­lots and star anise.
  2. Close the con­tain­er and let the salt brew for 2–4 weeks in a dry, dark place.

Salt with herbs and spices per­fect for veg­etable dish­es. It is also good to sea­son sauces and meat dish­es, includ­ing chick­en stew, pilaf with meat­balls, home­made goulash. You will find the recipes for these dish­es in the Feb­ru­ary issue. mag­a­zine “Bon appetit!”.

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