What are the benefits of quail eggs

What are the benefits of quail eggs

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Quail eggs are a store­house of vit­a­mins. They have no con­traindi­ca­tions, they do not cause aller­gies, so doc­tors rec­om­mend includ­ing them in the diet of chil­dren and peo­ple who, for what­ev­er rea­son, can­not eat chick­en eggs.

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  • There is no cho­les­terol in quail eggs, which is very impor­tant for peo­ple with car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­eases.
  • Quail eggs have a ben­e­fi­cial effect on the repro­duc­tive sphere of the body: the folic acid, pro­tein and healthy fats they con­tain help main­tain the hor­mon­al back­ground of the female body.
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  • The inclu­sion of quail eggs in the diet will also have the best effect on appear­ance, because they improve the growth of nails and hair, restore skin and mus­cles, and slow down the aging process.
  • The pres­ence of quail eggs in the menu guar­an­tees an improve­ment in the func­tion­ing of the human ner­vous sys­tem. Due to the con­tent of phos­pho­rus, iron and potas­si­um in them, mem­o­ry is strength­ened, so doc­tors strong­ly rec­om­mend includ­ing quail eggs in the diet of chil­dren and the elder­ly.
  • In addi­tion, when eat­ing quail eggs, diges­tion improves: experts advise using them for peo­ple suf­fer­ing from gas­tri­tis and cholelithi­a­sis. In addi­tion, this prod­uct is eas­i­ly digest­ed, so it can be eat­en with dis­eases of the gas­troin­testi­nal tract.
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  • Quail eggs have pow­er­ful immunomod­u­la­to­ry and antibac­te­r­i­al prop­er­ties, so they can be safe­ly includ­ed in the diet of fre­quent­ly ill chil­dren. It has been sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly proven that eat­ing quail eggs can reduce the fre­quen­cy of colds in chil­dren by 5 times!
  • In this dietary prod­uct, not only the “fill­ing” is use­ful, but also the shell, which con­tains cop­per, man­ganese, flu­o­rine, phos­pho­rus, sul­fur, sil­i­con, zinc, and many more microele­ments nec­es­sary for the body. There­fore, reg­u­lar use of quail egg shells can improve the con­di­tion of nails and hair, strength­en bones and joints, relieve gum bleed­ing, insom­nia, lethar­gy and irri­tabil­i­ty.
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