what exercises do you need to lose weight

To make the waist thin­ner and the chest big­ger, the right work­outs in the gym will help you.

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The “hour­glass” is con­sid­ered the ref­er­ence type of the female fig­ure, when the waist is nar­row, and the top and bot­tom of the body are har­mo­nious­ly devel­oped. But such forms nat­u­ral­ly go to units, the rest will need to train to acquire a beau­ti­ful fig­ure.

Complex “Circular training” (3 repetitions each)

Exer­cise 1: for the press. Sit­ting on a bench, lift your legs, keep­ing them straight. Then lie down on the bench and raise your straight legs again.
Exer­cise 2: for legs. Swing to the side with your left and right foot. Then swing back and forth.
Exer­cise 3: for calves. Rise on your toes as high as you can sev­er­al times.
Exer­cise 4: for the chest. Tak­ing dumb­bells, quick­ly reduce and spread your arms.
Exer­cise 5: for hands. Sit on a bench, put your elbow on your knee. Hold­ing a dumb­bell in your hand, lift it sev­er­al times. Switch the dumb­bell to your oth­er hand and repeat the exer­cise.
Exer­cise 6: for the back. Lie on the floor, put your hands behind your head, raise your head and back. At the same time, press your low­er back tight­ly to the floor.

Pear body type


If you have nar­row shoul­ders and a wide pelvis (this type of fig­ure is con­ven­tion­al­ly called a “pear”), work on reduc­ing the vol­ume of the hips, but­tocks and increas­ing the shoul­der gir­dle. From the “strength cir­cuit train­ing” com­plex, do the exer­cis­es: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6. The weight of the dumb­bells should be quite seri­ous: 2.5–3 kg.
Do not do with­out aer­o­bic exer­cise: run 3 times a week for half an hour. Or walk as fast as you can.

Apple body type

Apple body type, Photo

If excess weight is con­cen­trat­ed around the waist, then your body type is “apple”. Your task is to strength­en all the mus­cles of the body, get rid of the excess in the waist area. The key to suc­cess for this type of fig­ure is fair­ly light dumb­bells (no more than 2 kg), but a large num­ber of rep­e­ti­tions. From the “strength cir­cuit train­ing” com­plex, do all the exer­cis­es 10 times. How­ev­er, pay spe­cial atten­tion to exer­cis­es for the press — per­form them 20–25 times. Over time, try to bring their num­ber to 50.
You need car­dio train­ing three times a week for 40 min­utes. You can run, rollerblade, bike or exer­cise bike.

banana body type

Banana body type, Photo

The size of the hips and shoul­ders are approx­i­mate­ly the same, but the waist is not pro­nounced? So, your fig­ure belongs to the con­di­tion­al type “banana”. Your task is to give the body a more ele­gant shape. This can be achieved by work­ing the mus­cles of the whole body. The com­plex of “strength cir­cu­lar train­ing” must be per­formed com­plete­ly. At the same time, put weight­ing agents weigh­ing 2–3 kg on your legs. Dumb­bells should have about the same weight. Repeat each exer­cise 8–10 times.
Aer­o­bic exer­cise: 3 times a week for 30 min­utes on an ellip­ti­cal train­er. Anoth­er use­ful exer­cise in the pool.

Principles of training

By train­ing with heavy weights, you burn fat and build mus­cle instead. If you switch to too lit­tle weight, the effect of train­ing will be neg­li­gi­ble.
Per­form­ing the exer­cise 1–5 times, you devel­op strength and pow­er. Doing about 8 rep­e­ti­tions, you build mus­cle mass. More than 15 times — build mus­cle mass and devel­op endurance.

Edi­tor’s advice. How to deter­mine the opti­mal dumb­bell weight? It should be such that you, cor­rect­ly per­form­ing the required num­ber of rep­e­ti­tions, feel that you can do no more than once more.

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