What to put in a salad to lose weight

Includ­ing sal­ads in your sum­mer diet is a great way to reduce your calo­rie intake. To lose weight and bring your fig­ure back to nor­mal, add foods that con­tribute to weight loss to sum­mer sal­ads.

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Pho­to: thinkstock/fotobank.ua

“Lisa” will tell you which prod­ucts are ide­al ingre­di­ents for sum­mer sal­ads.


Those who are con­cerned about bel­ly fat should include blue­ber­ries in their menu more often — it has been proven that it is this berry that burns bel­ly fat best. Blue­ber­ries are high in fiber and help you feel fuller faster and reduce food intake.


This fruit is a won­der­ful ingre­di­ent for sum­mer sal­ads — it con­tains a lot of pectin, which can sup­press appetite. If you don’t like pears, replace them with an apple.


Due to the con­tent of monoun­sat­u­rat­ed fats, this fruit is also an active fight­er against bel­ly fat. Avo­ca­dos also con­tain fiber, which pro­motes sati­ety. How­ev­er, you should not abuse this fruit, because. Avo­ca­dos are very high in calo­ries — half a fruit con­tains about 160 calo­ries.

Cot­tage cheese

This prod­uct con­tains the pro­tein the body needs, but those who want to lose weight should choose low-fat cot­tage cheese.

Hard boiled eggs

A won­der­ful sum­mer sal­ad ingre­di­ent is hard-boiled eggs. The pro­tein they con­tain will help you quick­ly sat­is­fy your hunger and save you from snack­ing.

fried salmon

Fish is an excel­lent low fat source of pro­tein. In addi­tion, salmon is rich in omega‑3 fats, which can reduce cho­les­terol lev­els and give the body strength to recov­er faster after phys­i­cal exer­tion or sports train­ing.

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