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Design­er Chris­t­ian Louboutin, who, accord­ing to admir­ers of his shoes, is the cre­ator of the most com­fort­able wom­en’s shoes with heels, is sure that the ide­al height of a thin stud is 11 cen­time­ters.

How to determine the ideal heel height that will not harm your health

We will not argue, in ele­gant shoes with heels a woman looks attrac­tive and sexy, but it can be dif­fi­cult even for noto­ri­ous fash­ion­istas to fol­low the advice of a tal­ent­ed fash­ion design­er.

Agree, some­times shoes with a six-cen­time­ter sta­ble heel seem too uncom­fort­able. Which heel is right for you? Let’s cal­cu­late its height using a for­mu­la spe­cial­ly devel­oped for this.

To determine your ideal heel height, do the following calculations

  • After mea­sur­ing your height, divide it by the length of your legs (from the pro­tru­sion of the thigh to the heel). Do all cal­cu­la­tions in cen­time­ters.
  • Find out the dif­fer­ence between what you got after the first step and the ratio of the ide­al pro­por­tion of legs and height — 1.61.
  • Mul­ti­ply the final num­ber by ten.

So, let’s imag­ine that your height is 164 cen­time­ters, and the length of your legs is 84 cen­time­ters. After all the nec­es­sary cal­cu­la­tions, you will get 3.4 cen­time­ters. This is the per­fect heel height for you!

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By the way, accord­ing to doc­tors, the height of the heel of shoes or boots for dai­ly wear should not exceed two to four cen­time­ters, oth­er­wise the load on the sup­port­ing appa­ra­tus will be dis­trib­uted incor­rect­ly.

You can walk in heels, experts say, but not too often. Save your beau­ti­ful shoes for the spe­cial day!

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