Choosing the right yogurt

Choosing the right yogurt

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We all know that prop­er nutri­tion includes dairy prod­ucts. One of the health­i­est is yogurt. How­ev­er, in order for the use of this prod­uct to bring max­i­mum ben­e­fit to the body, you need to choose it cor­rect­ly.

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  • Pay atten­tion to what is writ­ten on the jar or bot­tle of yogurt. The inscrip­tions “live” or “bio” indi­cate the pres­ence of ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria in the prod­uct. The shelf life of “live” yogurt does not exceed two weeks at a tem­per­a­ture of 2–6 degrees.
  • If “ster­il­ized” is writ­ten on the pack­ag­ing of yogurt or a shelf life of more than a month is indi­cat­ed, this means that there is noth­ing use­ful for the intesti­nal microflo­ra in this drink. If dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of yogurt it was heat­ed above 80 degrees, the shelf life of such a prod­uct increas­es, but all ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria in it die.
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  • Study the com­po­si­tion of the prod­uct. If the pack­ag­ing indi­cates skimmed milk pow­der, col­ors, fla­vors, sta­bi­liz­ers, fruit addi­tives and acid­i­ty reg­u­la­tors, it is bet­ter to put such yogurt back on the shelf — the ben­e­fits of a prod­uct with such a com­po­si­tion are doubt­ful.
  • Pack­ag­ing is also an impor­tant fac­tor when choos­ing yogurt. Nat­u­ral­ly, the pack­ag­ing of the fer­ment­ed milk prod­uct must be air­tight. Wrin­kled or deformed pack­ag­ing also indi­cates a pos­si­ble vio­la­tion of tight­ness. It is bet­ter to opt for a pack­age with a lid made of plas­tic.
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  • Imme­di­ate­ly put back on the shelf the prod­uct with the inscrip­tion “yogur­tovich”, “frogur­tik” and oth­er beau­ti­ful names. It has noth­ing to do with yogurt, it’s just an ordi­nary use­less dessert. Look for a prod­uct that says sim­ply and con­cise­ly: “yogurt.”

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