How to lose weight in July

The July heat dis­cour­ages eat­ing dur­ing the day. But since the feel­ing of hunger inten­si­fies in the evening, we often eat up in the evenings, when the tem­per­a­ture drops. Two or three evenings in a row, hav­ing din­ner with a bar­be­cue, you can gain 1.5 kg of weight. In order not to acquire fat folds in the midst of the beach sea­son, you need to fol­low only 3 rules of nutri­tion.

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3 rules of the July diet

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1.For lunch, eat pro­tein foods: lean veal, fish, poul­try. The meat is best boiled and not eat­en hot. You can replace the meat dish with a sal­ad with seafood. Soups cook veg­etable cold: gaz­pa­cho, okrosh­ka, holod­nik, beet­root. Remem­ber, pro­tein prod­ucts should be at least 100 g.

2.July is gen­er­ous with berries and fruits, so it is best to have an after­noon snack with fruits or berries. Rasp­ber­ries, straw­ber­ries, goose­ber­ries, apri­cots are the best choice for a woman who is los­ing weight. From sour berries (some vari­eties of cher­ries and goose­ber­ries, red cur­rants) it is bet­ter to make fruit drinks and jel­ly: in their nat­ur­al form, they only increase appetite.

3. Before din­ner, which, as we said in July, can do a dis­ser­vice, have a snack on low-fat cot­tage cheese with fiber.

Cocktails and smoothies

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It is a sin not to take advan­tage of the July abun­dance of veg­eta­bles and fruits when prepar­ing cock­tails and smooth­ies. They can replace a snack or even break­fast or lunch. For these healthy dish­es, you need up to 500 g of grat­ed dark green veg­eta­bles and bright fruits.

It is allowed to use a small amount of olive or veg­etable oil in meals, since some vit­a­mins con­tained in green veg­eta­bles are absorbed only in com­bi­na­tion with fats. The main thing with this diet is not to abuse phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, so as not to fall down with­out strength. And it is suit­able only for those who are healthy enough to fol­low a strict diet.

A healthy diet.

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This diet is suit­able for those who do not have a strong will to give up a strict diet. You need to take 500 g of berries, divid­ed into two serv­ings. Eat one for break­fast and the oth­er for lunch. The rest of the food should be divid­ed into 5 recep­tions. As a result of such nutri­tion, you can lose 2–4 kilo­grams. Berries can be a great alter­na­tive to chips, crack­ers, or seeds. Also, this diet nor­mal­izes metab­o­lism, which will relieve insom­nia, irri­tabil­i­ty and headaches.


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