How to lose weight: the personal experience of a nutritionist

Through­out my adult life, as far as I can remem­ber, the issue of weight loss has always been acute and painful for me. I’ve always felt like I’m not like every­one else. Start­ing in Kinder­garten…

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At the mati­nee, all the girls are snowflakes, and I am a bear. Even then it was a shame to real­ize that I would nev­er play the role of a snow maid­en or a princess.

How many restric­tions are imposed by excess weight! At school, not every­one is friends with you, they tease you. You know for sure that the boy you like will nev­er like you. You can’t play out­door games like every­one else. You are embar­rassed to go to the beach with your friends, you can’t dress the way you would like — it’s just that your sizes don’t even exist. And this list can go on and on.

In the end, there comes a moment when you real­ize that you need to lose weight at all costs. Because this is not life.

And when I real­ized this, at the age of 14, my numer­ous attempts to lose weight began …

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Ineffective Diets

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When you real­ly decide to take on your­self, change your weight, body and life, the first thing you face is the choice of a method, a way to lose weight. And then I faced it. The first thing that comes to mind is diet. Then even such diets were copied by hand, passed “from hand to hand.” By the way, charg­ing was also trans­ferred then. This is what I did too. So, with each new diet, I real­ized that this was not my method. When you are on a diet, it seems that every­one around you is talk­ing only about food. And all they do is eat. And with each new diet, irri­ta­tion and hunger grow more and more. And when you real­ize that the kilo­grams shed with such dif­fi­cul­ty return in a cou­ple of weeks and bring new kilo­grams with them, it becomes com­plete­ly bad.

Hypnosis and coding

The next thing I hoped for was cod­ing. It was such a mas­sive hyp­no­sis ses­sion. And then there was the rec­om­men­da­tion to count calo­ries. It was nec­es­sary to eat every day 1200 kcal, no more, no less. Well, there are some oth­er lim­i­ta­tions. Yes, I lost 10 kg. But it was very uncom­fort­able for me. After that inci­dent, I told myself that I would nev­er count calo­ries again. I think many have tried this method. Because very often women who come to me for a con­sul­ta­tion ask the ques­tion: “Are we sure we won’t count calo­ries?”.

While I believed that after eat­ing a pie I would be very, very sick (as they promised), I some­how held on. But when I ate it all the same, imag­ine how much I want­ed it, I real­ized that I was not bad, but very good.

And away we go. The weight came back very quick­ly. I became even big­ger, even loos­er.

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injection torture

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When I decid­ed to take on myself again, I knew that it must be some very seri­ous method. I end­ed up in a clin­ic where I was promised a guar­an­teed result. These were oxy­gen injec­tions, which were sup­posed to some­how reduce fat cells. Every cen­time­ter of my prob­lem areas was chipped: stom­ach, hips, legs, but­tocks, arms. 40 injec­tions in the stom­ach from rabies, which scared us in child­hood, is non­sense, believe me! At the first pro­ce­dure, lit­er­al­ly after the first injec­tions, I had a severe spasm of the whole body, it was very painful, I could not breathe. The doc­tor was at a loss, did not know what to do, and I already, I remem­ber, the thought flashed through me that this was all, that I would no longer breathe. But then the mag­ic phrase of the doc­tor sound­ed “that’s it, we won’t inject any­more today”, thank you very much for this, and I was released. But then we were very scared with him. Since the mon­ey was paid in advance and the result was still promised to me, I tuned in, pulled myself togeth­er and stead­fast­ly with­stood all 10 pro­ce­dures.

Guess what the result was? There was no result. To my ques­tion: “And, in fact, where?” — they answered me: “Prob­a­bly you didn’t eat right,” and then they offered to con­duct 5 more free pro­ce­dures. I refused.

killer pills

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There was anoth­er attempt to lose weight, from which I almost died. They were pills. Well, who among us was not look­ing for a mir­a­cle cure, so as not to make any effort and get the result? What could be eas­i­er than tak­ing a pill? Oh yes, it was a mir­a­cle! I start­ed los­ing weight right before my eyes. I didn’t want to eat at all, that is, I didn’t eat any­thing at all. I remem­ber my moth­er per­suad­ed me to eat at least some­thing, because, appar­ent­ly, it was scary to look at me.

Know­ing now about the impor­tance of nutri­tion for health and the func­tion­ing of the body in gen­er­al, I think with hor­ror how I sim­ply killed myself with my own hands.

These pills appar­ent­ly caused an adren­a­line rush, because I did things that I don’t even want to remem­ber. Con­stant­ly heart in a fran­tic rhythm. That is, around the clock I heard my beat­ing heart, even try­ing to sleep. My hair began to fall, my nails peeled and crum­bled. Increas­ing­ly, con­vul­sions dis­turbed at night. The faint­ing spells began. But I lost weight, which means I con­tin­ued to drink pills. It had to end some­how in the end. The attack hap­pened in the coun­try, we were with friends. At first it became dif­fi­cult to breathe, then I felt a quick­en­ing heart­beat. Every­thing grew very fast. A friend lat­er said that the num­bers on the tonome­ter were such that she could not call them out loud. I could no longer move at that moment. I remem­ber that val­o­cordin (that’s all that was at hand) was poured into me with a spoon through clenched teeth. Men­tal­ly, I already under­stood that this is all. The only thing that saved me was that my moth­er always had pres­sure injec­tions with her just in case. The hus­band went after them, this is through two streets. I think that if my moth­er was 5 streets away, then the injec­tion would no longer be need­ed. After that, I stopped tak­ing the pills.

What about weight? I began to eat as before, and just as quick­ly the weight went away, just as quick­ly it returned, and not only returned, but also mul­ti­plied. Since then, I have vowed to resort to mir­a­cle pills.

Dur­ing con­sul­ta­tions, peo­ple often ask me how I feel about mod­ern “mir­a­cle reme­dies” that are now full of adver­tise­ments on the Inter­net, such as goji berries, green cof­fee, weight loss patch­es, detox pro­grams, etc. I have noth­ing to do with this! I always say: think with your head!

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Did sport help?

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After these two cas­es, I lost inter­est in los­ing weight for a very long time. And when I final­ly decid­ed again, I knew for sure that it should be some­thing proven and safe for health. I decid­ed that it would be a sport! I bought a card to a sports club and took a per­son­al train­er. I weighed over 100 kg then. Can you imag­ine this load on the joints and heart? My coach’s advice on nutri­tion was (I say right away, this is wrong!): Do not eat for 1.5 hours before train­ing, do not eat for 2 hours after train­ing, and seize all food dur­ing the day with grape­fruit. So I earned myself chron­ic gas­tri­tis and pain in my legs. When large women come to me now and ask about sports, I always advise you to first lose some weight by nor­mal­iz­ing nutri­tion, and then return to the issue of sports. So, the result of my strug­gle with weight: 106 kg with a height of 162 cm, my hair falls out, my nails exfo­li­ate and break, chron­ic gas­tri­tis, con­stant migraine, back pain, joint pain, short­ness of breath even with slow walk­ing, faint­ing.

All doc­tors say the same thing: you need to lose weight. But no one tells you how to do it. I am con­stant­ly depressed, lit­er­al­ly every­thing annoys me. I hate my reflec­tion in the mir­ror. My child is shy, my hus­band does not love me

And at the same time — a clear under­stand­ing that noth­ing will help me, that every­thing has already been tried … Unless some kind of mir­a­cle …

Proper nutrition

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When a friend sug­gest­ed that I meet with a nutri­tion coach, I no longer believed in any­thing. But she con­vinced me to go to the meet­ing. And with the words “it won’t get worse” I agreed. It was prob­a­bly one of the most impor­tant and cor­rect deci­sions in my life. Because this meet­ing changed every­thing. It is impos­si­ble to describe in words how grate­ful I am to this day to my coach. Fol­low­ing her rec­om­men­da­tions, in a week I weighed 3 kg less.

With­in the first month I felt more ener­gy. Every week the weight went away and health returned. A good mood and a desire to live a full life returned. In three months I lost 16 kg, I went very well in vol­umes.

At the same time, I ate much more than before. It turns out that you can eat and lose weight. The main thing is to know what to eat, how much, with what and when. I would nev­er have thought that you can change so much only through nutri­tion. And the weight did not return, he con­tin­ued to leave, and (which I was afraid of) noth­ing sagged, every­thing was mirac­u­lous­ly tight­ened. Every­thing has changed. Mood, self-esteem, atti­tudes of oth­ers, qual­i­ty of life. My head stopped hurt­ing, my legs don’t hurt, I for­got what gas­tri­tis is. I don’t remem­ber the last time I went to the doc­tor. I’m get­ting younger! I can skate! I can dress dif­fer­ent­ly! How nice it was to go to the plus size store, where I usu­al­ly bought clothes, and they told me: girl, we only have plus sizes, there is noth­ing here for you. I remem­ber a case … a girl of four years old with her father by the hand comes towards me, looks at me and says: “So what, my moth­er is also beau­ti­ful.” And I under­stand that this child appre­ci­at­ed me! And how nice it is to receive com­pli­ments from men! I final­ly believed that this is for­ev­er! I felt so good that I want­ed to share it!

There was a desire to tell about what I know, to help oth­er women change. I became a nutri­tion coach myself.

Once upon a time, at the age of 16, I promised myself that if I found an effec­tive, safe way to com­fort­ably lose weight, I would def­i­nite­ly share it with oth­ers. I kept my promise. I help women change. Good results are sure to be with every­one with whom I work, who fol­low my rec­om­men­da­tions. And I am even more hap­py with these results than I was once hap­py with my own. Recent­ly, I hear more and more often: “Masha, you are just a sor­cer­ess!” How I love being a witch! Think about whether it is worth repeat­ing oth­er peo­ple’s mis­takes, stuff­ing, as they say, your bumps. Maybe you should­n’t play with your health? Now I know for sure that every­thing is much eas­i­er than it seems! Approach every­thing care­ful­ly and con­scious­ly! And remem­ber that every­thing is in your hands! And if you need help, I’m always hap­py to help!

The author is Maria Nik­ishi­na. Dietit­ian, prac­tic­ing nutri­tion con­sul­tant, weight loss expert.

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