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How to make the waist nar­row and the tum­my flat?

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Useless exercises

Of course, the pri­ma­ry role here is played by the amount of sub­cu­ta­neous fat, which is removed through diet and exer­cise. But you can see how many women, in pur­suit of a beau­ti­ful waist and a toned tum­my, per­form use­less exer­cis­es, waste a huge amount of time in vain! All those crunch­es, leg rais­es, hoop spins, and what­not. It is espe­cial­ly fun­ny when they per­form exer­cis­es on the oblique mus­cles of the abdomen. If you are try­ing to nar­row your waist, then why? From the load, the mus­cles come into tone, and an increase in size is an adap­tive process. And if the oblique mus­cles increase in size, will this lead to a nar­row­ing of the waist? More­over, these mus­cles are already involved in many basic move­ments, why do you need to work them out addi­tion­al­ly and pur­pose­ful­ly?

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In pur­suit of the press, peo­ple just go crazy with all kinds of twists. Yes, as I wrote above, this will tone the rec­tus abdo­min­is and make the cubes more notice­able, but the main fac­tor is the per­cent­age of fat in your body, and burn­ing fat is a glob­al process. Local fat burn­ing is impos­si­ble! Fat burn­ing is trig­gered by hor­mones, hor­mones cir­cu­late in the blood, and blood is every­where.

Slim waist secret

But there is a lit­tle secret how to burn fat a lit­tle faster in a par­tic­u­lar place, for exam­ple, on the same stom­ach, and I will tell you about this today.

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To do this, you need lit­tle: after a good strength train­ing, when the hor­mones nec­es­sary for burn­ing fat cir­cu­late in the blood, dri­ve them into the right mus­cle. How to do it? You need to do a press exer­cise. But any exer­cise will not work.

Sta­to­dy­nam­ics works best — this is the exer­cise (the same twist­ing) in the mid­dle of the ampli­tude, with con­stant mus­cle ten­sion, at a slow pace. Exer­cis­es should be per­formed not by quan­ti­ty, but by focus­ing on time — 30–50 sec­onds of work, 20–30 sec­onds of rest. It is nec­es­sary to per­form 3–4 approach­es to the max­i­mum com­pres­sion and fail­ure

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The mech­a­nism of why this is effec­tive is very com­pli­cat­ed, but in short, with this approach, hydro­gen ions are released, which enter the blood­stream and dilate the ves­sels in the work­ing mus­cle, where a lot of blood will come. In the blood, as we remem­ber, the hor­mones we need, some of which will remain in the mus­cle. But they will begin to act after train­ing, dur­ing the replen­ish­ment of the so-called “oxy­gen debt”. After a work­out (of course, if you don’t eat any­thing for an hour, but prefer­ably two), the body active­ly oxi­dizes fats that are released with the help of the same hor­mones that are found in increased amounts in the rec­tus abdo­min­is mus­cle. They go into neigh­bor­ing tis­sues and begin to active­ly act, releas­ing fat­ty acids from the sub­cu­ta­neous fat on the abdomen into the blood­stream. But don’t rely too much on this method. With­out a doubt, it will speed up fat loss in the tar­get area, but only by a few per­cent. As I already wrote, fat burn­ing is a glob­al process.

Exercise «Vacuum»

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Anoth­er good way to visu­al­ly nar­row the waist is to use a sim­ply great exer­cise called “Vac­u­um”. This is from the body­build­ing arse­nal. Its pur­pose is to tone the deep abdom­i­nal mus­cles. They seem to begin to pull into the abdom­i­nal cav­i­ty and act like a corset, pre­vent­ing the pro­tru­sion of the abdomen. This will visu­al­ly nar­row your waist.

The tech­nique is as fol­lows: take a slow and deep breath through the nose, gain­ing the max­i­mum amount of air into the lungs. Next, exhale pow­er­ful­ly and pull the walls of the abdomen to the back as much as pos­si­ble so that the navel seems to be try­ing to touch the spine. Fix this posi­tion for 15–20 sec­onds, inhale, catch your breath for 15–20 sec­onds. Do 3–5 reps

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In fact, this is a very con­ve­nient and effec­tive exer­cise. You can do it sit­ting, lying down, stand­ing, you can do it at home, on your way to work, after a work­out. The main thing is on an emp­ty stom­ach. The best time is in the morn­ing on an emp­ty stom­ach, after a reg­u­lar work­out and before bed, but this is not a pre­req­ui­site. It is desir­able to do it every day, and it is best that it becomes a habit or, for exam­ple, a kind of rit­u­al (15 min­utes before each meal).

Here are two real­ly effec­tive ways to nar­row your waist and flat­ten your bel­ly. But even their effec­tive­ness is not so great. For real­ly good results, you need an inte­grat­ed approach: diet, train­ing pro­gram. And these meth­ods come as an addi­tion.

Author: Igor Kuz­menko, psy­chol­o­gist, nutri­tion and sports expert, author of The Bit­ter Truth About Fat Burn­ing


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