How to prolong youth? Advice from nutritionist Svetlana Fus

Each of us dreams of being beau­ti­ful and young. What secrets will help pro­long youth, said nutri­tion­ist Svet­lana Fus in the TV show “Every­thing will be kind” on the STB chan­nel.

Nutri­tion­ist Svet­lana Fus revealed the secrets of youth and beau­ty. It turns out that there are a num­ber of prod­ucts and sim­ple exer­cis­es that will help every woman fight the signs of aging.

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These prod­ucts are avail­able to each of us, and exer­cis­es can be eas­i­ly done at home on a dai­ly basis! So, five secrets on how to pro­long youth and beau­ty, see the fol­low­ing sto­ry.

Five simple secrets of youth (Video)


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