How to properly run to lose weight

Lose weight with­out exer­cis­ing in a fit­ness club? Eas­i­ly! Jog­ging is a great way to lose weight and get in shape. How should you run to lose weight?

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1. Breakfast — half an hour before a run

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Run­ning on an emp­ty stom­ach is harm­ful, but you can’t eat a lot either (this can cause dis­com­fort). The ide­al serv­ing size should fit in the palm of your hand. Eat “long” car­bo­hy­drates — cot­tage cheese, whole­meal bread, drink cocoa. Take a bot­tle of water with you when you go for a run.

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2. Warm up and cool down

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Thor­ough­ly warm up your mus­cles before train­ing. This is one of the main con­di­tions for prop­er jog­ging for weight loss. After jog­ging, restore the pulse — walk for 5 min­utes at a fast pace.

3. Right pace

Do not rush! If you want to run prop­er­ly to lose weight, main­tain a speed of 7–9 km / h. This is the opti­mal pace for a fat burn­ing run. Get­ting the right speed (if you don’t have a pedome­ter) is very sim­ple: first walk for 2 min­utes at a nor­mal pace, then go to a fast pace (6–7 km / h), as if you are in a hur­ry, but do not dare to run yet. Then, after adding a lit­tle speed, run at a slow pace (so that you can keep up a con­ver­sa­tion while mov­ing).

4. If you have thin calves

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Grad­u­al­ly increase your pace as you run. Fast run­ning con­tributes to the growth of mus­cle mass — it makes the calf mus­cles more volu­mi­nous. If after 6 weeks there is no result, then weights (200–300 g) can be put on the ankles (over sneak­ers). At the same time, the run­ning speed must be reduced to that rec­om­mend­ed in para­graph 3. This is how you need to run to lose weight.

5. If you want to reduce the volume of the calves

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Let’s just say it’s not an easy task. But there is a way. It is best to run with a wrap (food wrap): this way the liq­uid will come out and the skin will tight­en. But the run must be intense. After train­ing, be sure to do stretch­ing exer­cis­es for the calf mus­cles.

If you fol­low these sim­ple rules and run reg­u­lar­ly, then you can lose weight, cor­rect your fig­ure, and feel a surge of vig­or. And remem­ber: run­ning should be fun! Run­ning cor­rect­ly to lose weight is pos­si­ble!

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