The best dances for weight loss — how to lose weight easily and with pleasure

Sal­sa or Zum­ba is not only fash­ion­able and beau­ti­ful. When you dance, mus­cles are strength­ened and calo­ries are burned. What dances are suit­able for weight loss?

We have select­ed for you the top 5 most fash­ion­able and pop­u­lar “fat-burn­ing” styles. Dance and lose weight!

1. Salsa

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Heads the list of dances for weight loss incen­di­ary sal­sa. She comes from Cuba, where every­one knows how to dance her. Cubans say that Euro­peans dance sal­sa because they want to learn how to have fun. By the way, there is some­thing in this: sal­sa is real­ly a sea of ​​​​pos­i­tive! In addi­tion, dur­ing the dance, all major mus­cle groups work, espe­cial­ly the press, hips, but­tocks and legs.
An hour of class­es is minus 510 kcal.

2. Strip plastic

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There is noth­ing in com­mon with striptease and pole danc­ing in this style. In strip plas­tic there is a lot of temp­ta­tion, seduc­tion, but no vul­gar­i­ty. Basic move­ments — all kinds of waves with arms and body. One move­ment slow­ly flows into anoth­er — flex­i­bil­i­ty and plas­tic­i­ty devel­op, stretch­ing improves, mus­cles become stronger.
An hour of danc­ing burns 500 calo­ries.

3. Zumba

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Bright ener­getic zum­ba is both a full-fledged fit­ness train­ing and incen­di­ary dances to Latin Amer­i­can rhythms. In the class­room, you will thor­ough­ly work out all the prob­lem areas: abdomen, thighs, but­tocks, arms, legs. Zum­ba is a great dance for weight loss!
An hour of danc­ing takes about 400–500 kcal.

4. Reggaeton

A dance with a scan­dalous “rep­u­ta­tion”. That’s prob­a­bly why he’s so pop­u­lar. Reg­gae­ton is rec­og­nized as one of the most erot­ic dances. It com­bines sev­er­al styles at once: reg­gae, hip-hop and dance­hall. The basis of the tech­nique is active move­ments and “shak­ing” with the whole body, rota­tion of the hips, chest, but­tocks. Experts advise this style to any­one who dreams of a “Brazil­ian butt”, wants to get rid of cel­lulite and lose weight. In addi­tion, reg­gae­ton devel­ops plas­tic­i­ty, flex­i­bil­i­ty, tight­ens mus­cles and improves blood cir­cu­la­tion.
For an hour of class­es, you can lose more than 50 kcal.

5. Argentine tango

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The burn­ing Argen­tine tan­go is a sea of ​​pas­sion and fire. This style is suit­able even for those who are con­traindi­cat­ed in seri­ous loads. Unlike oth­er styles, tan­go is less ener­gy inten­sive. About 300–400 kcal is burned per hour. How­ev­er, tan­go helps to improve pos­ture, tight­en mus­cles, per­fect­ly devel­ops flex­i­bil­i­ty and grace. Dur­ing the dance, all kinds of rota­tion tech­niques are used, an instant change in body posi­tion, turns and oth­er ele­ments. This strength­ens the vestibu­lar appa­ra­tus and devel­ops coor­di­na­tion. And most impor­tant­ly, this dance pro­motes weight loss!

And how to learn to dance tan­go in 4 min­utes — see this video!


Author: Niko Cal­abrese

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