The secret to a beautiful figure Cameron Diaz: the lunch box diet

The Lunch Box nutri­tion sys­tem was devel­oped by real fit­ness guru Simon Lov­el at the request of the famous actress Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz

Thanks to this diet, the Hol­ly­wood star always looks at 100. Per­haps Cameron’s diet will help you get the per­fect fig­ure too.

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The basic principle of the Lunch Box diet is fractional nutrition

Simon Lov­el advis­es eat­ing at least six times a day, and eight is bet­ter. This mode allows you to main­tain a bal­ance of sug­ar in the blood, and also speeds up the metab­o­lism.

In order not to vio­late the con­di­tions of the diet, you will have to car­ry a lunch box with you every­where. It is not dif­fi­cult to guess that this weight loss pro­gram was named after a small food box.

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The Lunch Box Diet is ide­al for those who don’t know where and when they can have lunch or din­ner, because light and healthy food is always at hand.

What foods should be in your lunch box?

Of course, only nat­ur­al and healthy! Take with you fruits and veg­eta­bles (60%), pro­tein foods (30%), low-fat dress­ing (10%). You can also grab a hand­ful of nuts.

Cameron Diaz photo

By the way, this nutri­tion sys­tem does not exclude alco­hol and “reward days”, when los­ing weight can treat your­self to deli­cious, but not the most healthy dish­es.


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