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Give the body exact­ly what it needs, lis­ten to it, and it will be sat­is­fied. This is the whole point of intu­itive eat­ing. In addi­tion, this is not just a way to get rid of excess weight, but a way of life. In addi­tion, there are 10 basic prin­ci­ples of intu­itive eat­ing.

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1. Give up diets

Do not tor­ture your body with the rejec­tion of sub­stances that are use­ful to it. You should not only for­get about diets, but also real­ize what harm they bring to you, because a week will pass, and all the lost kilo­grams will return, not to men­tion the spoiled skin, nails and hair. Only then can you focus on what will ben­e­fit you.

2. Respect your hunger

Every­one knows that break­fast is a must, but almost no one eats it.

Through­out the day, you ran­dom­ly eat dif­fer­ent snacks, and when you come home late, you fill up to sati­ety, as you are pret­ty hun­gry for the whole day. There­fore, a new day should begin with a full break­fast, then you will have enough strength to work in the morn­ing.

3. Challenge food control

There is no need to adhere to rigid restric­tions, for exam­ple, “only 1000 calo­ries today, no more.” And don’t beat your­self up for every piece of cake or choco­late bar you eat. It’s bet­ter to eat a piece now than a whole cake lat­er.

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4. Make peace with food

Allow your­self to eat what you like (in mod­er­a­tion, of course).

5. Respect your sense of fullness

While eat­ing, learn to under­stand in a time­ly man­ner that you are no longer hun­gry. Even if you have food left on your plate and you know you can eat more, don’t.

6. Find the Satisfaction Factor

Learn not just to sat­is­fy your hunger, but to enjoy food, so you will notice that in fact you do not need so much to get enough.

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7. Don’t get in a bad mood

Eat­ing your bad mood, stress or resent­ment with some­thing tasty is a bad solu­tion to the prob­lem, or rather, it will not solve your prob­lems in any way, while bring­ing a cou­ple of extra pounds. So learn to deal with your prob­lems with­out eat­ing them.

8. Respect your body

As the say­ing goes, your body is your tem­ple. Pro­tect him, take care of him and, most impor­tant­ly, love him, stop com­plex­ing. You can work on your­self and improve — you just need to learn to love and respect your body.

9. Exercise

Lead an active lifestyle, stop being lazy. You don’t have to push your­self to the point of exhaus­tion, but you should at least once a day do some­thing like a ten-minute walk in the park or a bike ride.

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10. Respect your health — choose a sensible diet

Eat foods that con­tain the most nutri­ents and do not harm your body. If you want harm­ful
food — eat its healthy sub­sti­tute. For exam­ple, can­dy can be replaced with dried fruits, and soda can be replaced with berry com­pote.


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