Unloading days for weight loss. Top 7 options

How to return to the usu­al diet after many days of New Year’s treats? Try not to expose your body to anoth­er food stress.
Eat often, but lit­tle by lit­tle. For fast­ing days, choose prod­ucts that help restore intesti­nal microflo­ra and improve liv­er func­tion. Choose the unload­ing options that suit you best.

1. Unloading on vegetables



Action: con­tributes to the restora­tion of the liv­er, intestines, kid­neys.
Dai­ly diet: fresh raw veg­eta­bles — cab­bage, toma­toes, cucum­bers, cel­ery, car­rots, sweet pep­pers, greens, leaf let­tuce — and com­bi­na­tions there­of. 5 times a day, 250–300 g with­out salt, with the addi­tion of veg­etable oil of the first cold press­ing. Water and green tea — no restric­tions.
Rec­om­mend­ed dura­tion: 1–2 days.

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2. Unloading on kefir

Action: restores intesti­nal flo­ra.
Dai­ly diet: 200–250 g of kefir, yogurt, cur­dled milk (prefer­ably fat-free) 6 times a day. At each meal, add 2 tea­spoons of bran, washed down with clean water (fiber not only gives a feel­ing of sati­ety, but also cleans­es the intestines). Water at least 1.5–2 liters per day.
Rec­om­mend­ed dura­tion: no more than 3 days.

3. Protein offload

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Action: gives a feel­ing of sati­ety.
Dai­ly diet: 70 g of lean boiled meat or boiled fish 5 times a day (350 g in total), 100–150 g of veg­eta­bles (cab­bage, cucum­bers, car­rots, toma­toes) 5 times a day (total 0.6–0.9 kg) , 1–2 cups of tea with­out sug­ar. Water unlim­it­ed.
Rec­om­mend­ed dura­tion: up to 3 days.

4. Unloading on cottage cheese

Action: max­i­mum of use­ful pro­teins and cal­ci­um.
Dai­ly diet: 70 g of cot­tage cheese (9%) 5 times a day. In addi­tion, 2 cups of tea with­out sug­ar, 1 cup of rose­hip broth, cof­fee (50 g) with­out sug­ar, 2 cups of fat-free kefir. Non-car­bon­at­ed min­er­al water — with­out restric­tion.
Rec­om­mend­ed dura­tion: no more than 3 days.

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5. Unloading on juices

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Action: cleans­es the intestines.
Dai­ly diet: 1.5 liters of veg­etable juice, 0.7 liters of fruit juice and as much water as pos­si­ble. In addi­tion, one day on juices is a great start to any diet.
Rec­om­mend­ed dura­tion: three days.

6. Carbohydrate offload

Action: removes excess flu­id.
Dai­ly diet: 500 g of fresh fruit, 250 g of brown or wild rice (500 g in fin­ished form), 1 liter of water and 1 liter of dried fruit com­pote. Dur­ing cook­ing, it is bet­ter not to salt the rice. Eat it through­out the day in small por­tions, mix­ing with fine­ly chopped fruit.
Rec­om­mend­ed dura­tion: three days.

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7. Unloading on fruit

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Action: rich in vit­a­mins and min­er­als.
Dai­ly diet: 300 g of ripe raw (unprocessed) or baked apples 5–6 times a day (1.5–2 kg of apples in total). 1 liter of gin­ger tea with mint and lemon, min­er­al water, 0.5 liter of fresh­ly squeezed apple juice dilut­ed with water.
Rec­om­mend­ed dura­tion: 3 days.


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