What’s stopping you from losing weight? Top 4 Diet Mistakes

Going on a diet or sim­ply switch­ing to a healthy diet, many of us make mis­takes that pre­vent us from los­ing weight. Nutri­tion­ists have come up with a few stan­dard mis­takes that are com­mon­ly made by peo­ple on a diet.

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1. Careful calorie counting

Many women choose diets based on rig­or­ous calo­rie count­ing, but do not ana­lyze the qual­i­ty of the food they eat at all. In the pur­suit of low-calo­rie foods, we often do not think at all about how healthy our food is. There is no doubt that the amount of pro­teins, car­bo­hy­drates and fats is very impor­tant, but nutri­tion­ists also urge us not to for­get about the vit­a­mins and nutri­ents that we deprive our­selves of and include more fruits, veg­eta­bles and whole grains in our healthy diet.

2. Lack of consistency

It hap­pens that a woman who is on a diet relax­es for a day or two and for­gets about prop­er nutri­tion, and after that, as a pun­ish­ment, declares her­self a “hunger strike”. The peri­ods of “hunger strikes” and “relax­ations” can be replaced sev­er­al times. To avoid this sit­u­a­tion, nutri­tion­ists advise to plan your diet. It is worth think­ing over your week­ly menu in detail and mak­ing the right pur­chas­es on week­ends. If a cer­tain sys­tem appears in the prin­ci­ples of nutri­tion — you start eat­ing healthy food in the same por­tions at the same time, your metab­o­lism will quick­ly nor­mal­ize, and the results of these mea­sures will soon appear.

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3. Lack of liquid

Overeat­ing is often the result of con­fus­ing thirst with hunger. There­fore, all nutri­tion­ists advise drink­ing enough water, oth­er­wise the con­se­quences may be fatigue and the appear­ance of headaches, and in the long term — prob­lems with the kid­neys and liv­er. To remem­ber to drink water, put a bot­tle on your desk and sip through­out the day. You can diver­si­fy the taste of ordi­nary water by adding healthy low-calo­rie foods — lemon, mint or gin­ger.

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4. Emotions

Like every­thing else, women also approach nutri­tion much more emo­tion­al­ly than men. Often we tend to “jam” fatigue, prob­lems at work or mis­un­der­stand­ings in the fam­i­ly. Nutri­tion­ists also sug­gest a way out of this sit­u­a­tion: always have washed fruits, veg­eta­bles or low-fat cheese ready in your refrig­er­a­tor. Then, in case you have to “eat” prob­lems, you will do it tasty and healthy.


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