Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Are you on a diet, but you still can’t lose weight? Per­haps you make a few mis­takes that seem insignif­i­cant to you, which pre­vent you from part­ing with excess weight.

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Pho­to: Thinkstock/ fotobank.ua

“Lisa” will tell you sev­er­al pos­si­ble rea­sons that pre­vent you from los­ing weight:

1. You don’t have a spe­cif­ic place to eat.

If you often eat at the com­put­er, in bed or while dri­ving a car, urgent­ly get rid of this bad habit — it’s so dif­fi­cult for you to con­trol how much food you ate. Per­haps the sand­wich that you fin­ished with your child is not per­ceived crit­i­cal­ly by you, how­ev­er, it con­tains 100–200 calo­ries. Choose one place in the house and eat only there — this will help keep track of the amount eat­en and will not allow you to eat for some rea­son oth­er than hunger.

2. You lim­it your fat intake

If you are going to or have already elim­i­nat­ed fats from your diet, you should urgent­ly review your menu and include the “right” fats in it — nuts, veg­etable oil, oily fish, avo­ca­dos. These prod­ucts will not only help you feel full for a long time, but will also have a ben­e­fi­cial effect on the skin, hair and nails.

3. You’re Not Get­ting Enough Pro­tein

Odd­ly enough, increas­ing your pro­tein intake can be a sig­nif­i­cant help in los­ing weight. The fact is that each time, digest­ing food, the body con­sumes ener­gy, and pro­teins require the most ener­gy in the process of diges­tion — in this case, much more calo­ries are con­sumed. There­fore, increas­ing the pro­por­tion of pro­teins com­pared to car­bo­hy­drates and fats while main­tain­ing the same amount of food will help the body to store few­er calo­ries.

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4. You don’t remem­ber what you ate

If you do not remem­ber all the food that you ate dur­ing the day, then you do not con­trol your diet — it will be prob­lem­at­ic to part with extra pounds. It hap­pens that with cof­fee, tea and oth­er drinks you can con­sume 300–400 extra calo­ries per day. By the way, drinks should not be over­looked either — for exam­ple, sweet soda con­tains a lot of calo­ries. In a word, in order to ful­ly con­trol your diet, nutri­tion­ists advise keep­ing a food diary.

5. You com­bine food and enter­tain­ment

Com­bin­ing your favorite activ­i­ty with food is a bad habit. Pull your­self togeth­er and stop spend­ing time at the com­put­er or in front of the TV screen with a plate in your hands. So you get car­ried away with what is hap­pen­ing on the screen and do not at all keep track of how much food you devoured under your favorite TV series or an excit­ing talk show.

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