5 signs of a misdiagnosis

Food aller­gies, dys­bac­te­rio­sis or intesti­nal flu? We often self-diag­nose. And we begin to be treat­ed, using per­son­al expe­ri­ence, tips from rel­a­tives and folk reme­dies. The rea­sons for this choice are var­i­ous, and the con­se­quences can be unpre­dictable.



Is it pos­si­ble to pre­scribe med­ica­tions for your­self if your health leaves much to be desired? The choice of action always depends on the true diag­no­sis, which means that the first step should be to see a doc­tor, because only he can clar­i­fy the sit­u­a­tion. Inde­pen­dent “ther­a­py” is fraught with accel­er­at­ed devel­op­ment of the dis­ease, there­fore, it is worth con­tact­ing a spe­cial­ist in a time­ly man­ner for advice.

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“This is prob­a­bly food aller­gy”, — we think, hav­ing found in our­selves or rel­a­tives, for exam­ple, a rash. We draw a con­clu­sion based on our own ideas about health and infor­ma­tion from the glob­al infor­ma­tion “web”. Imme­di­ate­ly, dif­fer­ent prod­ucts are under sus­pi­cion, deci­sions are made about gluten-free nutri­tion and the search for stores with eco-goods begins. “And maybe it food intol­er­ance?”

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Doc­tors strong­ly rec­om­mend not to rush to con­clu­sions. Only aller­gists can estab­lish an accu­rate diag­no­sis, since aller­gies and intol­er­ances are not the same thing.

The first dis­ease is char­ac­ter­ized by such man­i­fes­ta­tions as urticaria, skin rash­es, and ede­ma. The sec­ond can be accom­pa­nied by both a cough and a rash, as well as con­stant exces­sive fatigue, weight gain, a run­ny nose and even eczema. Detailed infor­ma­tion on each case should be ana­lyzed by an expe­ri­enced doc­tor, who then pre­scribes an indi­vid­ual diet. It is impos­si­ble to inde­pen­dent­ly iden­ti­fy the caus­es of malaise.

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Let’s take, for exam­ple, intesti­nal flu, is a diag­no­sis that does not exist. And what is, is called a rotavirus infec­tion. Since the peak of the inci­dence occurs at the time of the “rev­el­ry” of the flu, and the course of the dis­ease is char­ac­ter­ized by high fever, sore throat and run­ny nose, this name quick­ly stuck in our minds. It should be remem­bered that drugs, such as absorbents and astrin­gents, must be pre­scribed by the attend­ing physi­cian. The patient must fol­low a strict diet that excludes dairy prod­ucts from the diet.

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Dys­bac­te­rio­sis. The “response” of the intesti­nal microflo­ra to changes in it is man­i­fest­ed by poor appetite, pain, bloat­ing and diar­rhea. What do many of us do, hav­ing estab­lished a set of these fea­tures on our own? Instead of going to the doc­tor, they go to the super­mar­ket for yogurt enriched with “good bac­te­ria”. The doc­tor, for starters, con­ducts lab­o­ra­to­ry bac­te­ri­o­log­i­cal stud­ies and deter­mines the cause of the vio­la­tion of the “order” in the intestines. All of the above signs can be asso­ci­at­ed with var­i­ous seri­ous dis­eases: stom­ach and duo­de­nal ulcers, polyps and oth­ers.

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Despite the fact that there is cur­rent­ly a lot of infor­ma­tion avail­able about cer­tain dis­eases, and many believe that they have “exact­ly this”, you should not come up with a diag­no­sis your­self. The same symp­toms may indi­cate dif­fer­ent dis­eases. Each per­son should take spe­cial care of their health and should con­sult a doc­tor if they have any symp­toms that cause anx­i­ety.

5 signs of a misdiagnosis

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1. Med­i­cines that you take on your own do not work.

2. The under­ly­ing dis­ease pro­gress­es.

3. Feel­ing worse.

4. Oth­er symp­toms and com­pli­ca­tions appear.

5. The con­se­quences of treat­ment have to be elim­i­nat­ed urgent­ly.

At the same time, almost every diag­no­sis must be con­firmed by the results of research, so there is no need to invent some­thing for your­self that you do not have. Be healthy!

Kristina Sakal

Kristina Sakal

Ther­a­pist of the Tran­scarpathi­an health com­plex “Sol­nech­ny”


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