Five secrets of harmony without dieting

April 06, 2017, 14:15

How to stay in good shape and not sit on debil­i­tat­ing diets? To stay slim, you don’t have to con­stant­ly count every calo­rie. It is enough to devel­op a few healthy habits that will help you com­pen­sate for the occa­sion­al dietary devi­a­tions and dodges from the gym.

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Here are the sim­ple habits-res­cue from extra pounds:

  • por­tions should be no larg­er than your palm;
  • eat a lit­tle 5–6 times a day;
  • drink at least 1.5 liters of plain water per day;
  • Allow your­self sweets and pas­tries only in excep­tion­al cas­es.
    Also, pay atten­tion to a few more tricks. They work!

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1. Transfer to fitball

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Not for­ev­er, of course. A cou­ple of hours at work and in the evening when you watch a movie is enough to feel in a month that the mus­cles of your back, hips and but­tocks have become notice­ably stronger. In addi­tion, using a fit­ball instead of a chair, you burn up to 20 calo­ries per hour, with­out doing any­thing specif­i­cal­ly for this.

2. Find an activity for the soul

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A fas­ci­nat­ing hob­by is an excel­lent rem­e­dy for unnec­es­sary thoughts about food. You your­self prob­a­bly noticed: doing what you love, you immerse your­self in it with your head — and you don’t feel hun­gry. How­ev­er, it is bet­ter to skip meals not dur­ing the day, but in the evening. It and allo­cate for a hob­by!

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3. Prepare desserts from berries

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It does not mat­ter that the berry sea­son is already over. To treat your­self to a healthy dessert, you can use any frozen berries (rasp­ber­ries, cran­ber­ries, blue­ber­ries). The eas­i­est way is to add them to cot­tage cheese or yogurt — of course, after defrost­ing.

4. Wear comfortable shoes

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Ortho­pe­dists call the ide­al heel up to 5 cm. In such shoes, you can walk all day with­out harm to health. Plus, when you’re com­fort­able, you walk faster, which means you burn more calo­ries.

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5. Enjoy the movement


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Spend your free time active­ly. Choose some phys­i­cal activ­i­ty that you enjoy. Swim­ming, bowl­ing, walk­ing, danc­ing. It’s good if your friends join you. In this case, skip­ping class­es will be more dif­fi­cult.


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