How to get in shape for the holidays. 6 tips from TV presenter Irina Volkova

After a series of hearty May pic­nics, we tra­di­tion­al­ly gain a cou­ple of extra pounds. Iri­na Volko­va, host of the “Wound with Ukraine” pro­gram on the Ukraine chan­nel, shares her plan of action on how to get back in shape before the beach sea­son.

How to get in shape for the holidays

I must say right away that I am not a sup­port­er of strict diets. First­ly, I con­sid­er them evil for the body. Sec­ond­ly, evil for the psy­che. After all, when you live with­in the frame­work of many restric­tions, a peri­od of break­down is sure to come. There­fore, in order not to harm your health and get into a sum­mer swim­suit, there are sev­er­al rules:

Drink as much water as pos­si­ble. Yes, we all know about it. But let’s be hon­est — how often do we con­trol exact­ly how much we drank? In order to accu­rate­ly drink my dai­ly allowance, I pour water into bot­tles that I drink through­out the day. To visu­al­ly see at what stage I am fin­ish­ing this bot­tle. And it should always be at hand.

Irina Volkova

Refuse gas­tro­nom­ic garbage. Elim­i­nate every­thing extreme­ly harm­ful, this is the hol­i­days we can pam­per our­selves. Now it’s the body’s turn to rest. So, no pas­tries (except whole grain bread), sausages, any canned food, fast food, sweet car­bon­at­ed drinks, all kinds of store-bought sauces, ketchup. If pos­si­ble, switch to the most clean and sim­ple food. A min­i­mum of salt and fried.

Sports Tips

Replace sug­ar with ste­via. I like it bet­ter as a syrup than a pow­der. There are peo­ple who can­not get used to its spe­cif­ic taste, but I prac­ti­cal­ly do not feel it. Since I can­not live with­out sweets, ste­via real­ly saves. But not always.

Ira Volkova

If you real­ly want some sweets, then I fol­low the prin­ci­ple of the least evil. It’s bet­ter than a hard ban. I allow myself a piece of dark choco­late or marsh­mal­lows. And only in the morn­ing!

Tips from the presenter

Prin­ci­ple of the first half of the day very impor­tant if you need to lose extra kilos. After all, even such healthy foods as fruits should be con­sumed only in the morn­ing and at lunchtime. It used to be my mis­take to con­sid­er, for exam­ple, fruits with cot­tage cheese as a dietary dish for din­ner. In fact, this is a direct path to weight gain. So leave fruit for a snack for a sec­ond break­fast, and cot­tage cheese for din­ner. Or eggs and veg­eta­bles. To sum­ma­rize, din­ner should be light and pro­tein-free — no cere­als, bread, pota­toes.

Volkova and sport

Well, sports, how could it be with­out him! I do not stop activ­i­ty all year round, but dur­ing this peri­od I try to increase the load. I add active car­dio loads to strength exer­cis­es, now it’s swim­ming in the pool and run­ning.

Slimming Tips

And the main rule, which I have only recent­ly learned — allow your­self to be imper­fect. Yes, it is always worth striv­ing to become bet­ter, but it is also impor­tant not to scold your­self for any mis­takes. It may have been a very hard day and I missed train­ing and broke some of the above rules. And I don’t reproach myself, I just plan the next day with opti­mism. After all, we are not machines to keep from fail­ing.

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