How to quit smoking

A per­son always does what he wants, even if he does it wrong. After all, it is unlike­ly that some­one smokes in order to sim­ply find a new expense item. Or kill some of your free time for some­thing that will neg­a­tive­ly affect your well-being and prospects for sur­viv­ing until retire­ment.

why do we smoke

Peo­ple smoke for a dif­fer­ent rea­son, or rather for many oth­er rea­sons. More­over, every­one has their own, mod­i­fied and fas­ci­nat­ing, like the sto­ry of meet­ing a friend who spoils you, but at the same time it’s fun to hang out with him.

It’s time to answer the ques­tion — what do you achieve with your smok­ing? Let’s try to fig­ure it out by look­ing at the top 5 most com­mon rea­sons.

how to quit smoking

But, even if you don’t asso­ciate ubiq­ui­ty with obvi­ous­ness, on the con­trary, very few peo­ple think and deeply under­stand the root of their addic­tion. Most often, these are excus­es from the cat­e­go­ry of “stress­ful peri­od”, “I just like it”, or frankly — “I don’t know, I just smoke, it’s bet­ter to pour beer, oth­er­wise you go around ask­ing ques­tions.”

And in fact, I admit that smok­ing can just be fun. Because per­son­al­ly I real­ly like it. But when you just like some­thing, you can do it once or twice a month, but you can’t run to the store for cig­a­rettes when you are late for work or a meet­ing. In any case, under­stand­ing why peo­ple smoke is a very inter­est­ing under­tak­ing.

Inability to enjoy life

Life is good in itself. It is pleas­ant to live, what­ev­er one may say, in every sense. If you do not fill your head with emp­ty thoughts (those that do not lead to any change for the bet­ter), and just breathe, walk down the street and look around, this is also a kind of plea­sure.

If for some rea­son you do not feel it, then this is a direct and imme­di­ate guide to action. To elim­i­nate the irri­tant and again walk along the roads, smil­ing at the sun.

stop smoking

But the record nev­er changes on its own, and if you have cho­sen a sad song for your­self to rev­el in your own dra­ma, you need to under­stand in time if this is good for you? Indeed, one should always think about this.

Try­ing to track your state some­where inside, in the depths of your atti­tude.

But instead of this (titan­ic work on one­self), it is much eas­i­er to take a fra­grant cig­a­rette and go out onto the bal­cony with can­dles and music, while drink­ing wine and look­ing thought­ful­ly into the dis­tance. It is beau­ti­ful.

You are in a beau­ti­ful place, with a beau­ti­ful view, and you are doing quite an aes­thet­ic act. With thin fin­gers you hold your cig­a­rette, draw in the blue smoke and smooth­ly release it from your mouth. Beau­ti­ful — but use­less.

At the same time, you admire the nature around, fun­ny cob­ble­stones, bird­song, look at what passers-by are wear­ing, hear the sounds of your favorite city — enjoy life, but you can only do this with a cig­a­rette in your hand.

And this is not quite nor­mal, or nat­ur­al, oth­er­wise, even at birth, you would have been accom­pa­nied by a per­son­al­ized engraved cig­a­rette case and an orig­i­nal zip­po. All that we need for life we ​​have from nature, you just need to take and use every­thing giv­en for its intend­ed pur­pose.

five reasons for smoking

The brain — in order to ana­lyze the sit­u­a­tion, com­pare the ratio of the desired and the actu­al, and take appro­pri­ate tac­tics so that this ratio sat­is­fies even more. Not in order to rinse a quar­rel with a guy in neur­al con­nec­tions a mil­lion times and dream­i­ly smoke, por­tray­ing a per­former of a sen­ti­men­tal Russ­ian romance tired of life.

Not accepting yourself

Sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous rea­son, but of a slight­ly dif­fer­ent nature. In the first case, you can­not enjoy the world around you. In the sec­ond — by your­self, as a part of this world. This can be caused by the “A stu­dent syn­drome” that helps in school, but only from 9 to 9.45, from the begin­ning to the end of the les­son. Then, it’s dev­as­tat­ing.

You act as your own tyrant, and with­out pay or days off. The only thing you think about alone is what else to do to become even bet­ter. It seems that you look in the mir­ror, and every­thing is fine, but then you dry your­self, dye your hair a dif­fer­ent col­or, buy a cou­ple of new things, and then yes. Then I can enjoy every­thing that hap­pens in full!

how not to smoke

But remem­ber the first point in this arti­cle: “Life is beau­ti­ful in itself,” and so are you. What remains to be done if dry­ing is delayed, and there is not enough time to find the right things? Wave your hand and sit at home, with the feel­ing that the hol­i­day is pass­ing by?

Lov­ing your­self is prob­a­bly the most dif­fi­cult thing, where is this taught? In a lec­ture on self-devel­op­ment, I once heard an amus­ing thought.

The father gives his child an exam­ple of social­iza­tion, he leads his child by the hand into the world and shows him how it works. Moth­er, on the oth­er hand, is pure love for life, for all its man­i­fes­ta­tions, she uncon­di­tion­al­ly loves her child and teach­es him to love.

how not to smoke

But both father and moth­er should be able to do all this in order to teach their child, right? Yes, and to teach, to tell the truth, this does not mean stand­ing at the black­board and spelling it out at school. You can teach by exam­ple, and most like­ly, this is the only effec­tive way. Not to tell the child how to and what is nec­es­sary, but sim­ply to be hap­py and there­by prove the cor­rect­ness of one’s con­cept of life. There­fore, if you had an incom­plete fam­i­ly, or com­plete, but not ful­ly hap­py, the rea­son for dis­like for your­self may lie pre­cise­ly in this. And in turn, the rea­son for your smok­ing is also in this. After all, a per­son who loves him­self val­ues ​​his life and his health.

But don’t think that this rea­son fits per­fect­ly into the self-indul­gence sce­nario. On the con­trary, now you are an adult and the respon­si­bil­i­ty for your hap­pi­ness lies with you. Yes, some­thing was wrong in child­hood, but now you have every­thing to fix it.

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In this case, weak­ness is self-pity. If you are try­ing in every pos­si­ble way to sweet­en your pill with your actions, then you con­sid­er it bit­ter. And there is absolute­ly no need to write a lot about this. When it seems that every­thing around is unfair to you, and you are so good, but for some rea­son you are not lucky. If it does­n’t, then you’re doing some­thing wrong.

And while you feel sor­ry for your­self and feed you with sweets or cig­a­rettes, there will be no “busi­ness”. Weak­ness from one­self must be dri­ven away, like a naked peas­ant from the street. You need to devel­op an aller­gy to your own weak­ness, and con­tempt for it. She does not con­sole you in her arms, but sim­ply suf­fo­cates you, weak­ly. There­fore, if you want to bright­en up gray every­day life with anoth­er smoke break, think that instead of find­ing a way out of the sit­u­a­tion, you just curled up and stroked your shoul­ders while real­i­ty knocks on your base­ment with a chain­saw. And there is only one solu­tion — instead of “how to do and what to do, I won’t suc­ceed,” you need to say to your­self “baby, every­thing will be fine, now I’ll show every­one.”

recover from smoking


If you are a del­i­cate nature, with a devel­oped aes­thet­ic taste, then for sure you like to roman­ti­cize every­thing that hap­pens. Life is so much more inter­est­ing, you feel like the hero­ine of your favorite films or books. And very often such heroes smoke breath­tak­ing­ly sexy. In each of these char­ac­ters it is easy to see the fea­tures and attrib­ut­es that attract you to them. There may be a lot of them, or maybe just a few. But you get some feel­ing from this hero. The one that so attracts, which you so want to take for your­self.

Remem­ber school, the coolest guys have always been hooli­gans, and almost all of them exper­i­ment­ed with cig­a­rettes from an ear­ly age. For some, the exper­i­ment was delayed, but this is not about that. In ninth grade, it seemed like they knew some­thing you did­n’t. They, it seems, are some­how more fun and the halo of cool­ness is some­how inex­plic­a­ble.

ways to avoid smoking

And now, instead of real­ly hav­ing a good time and work­ing out some­thing in your­self, it is much eas­i­er to take some exter­nal resem­blance to the desired form. For exam­ple, the main char­ac­ter of the film “Basic Instinct” smoked stun­ning­ly while sit­ting in the police sta­tion. There was a preda­to­ry and sex­u­al self-con­fi­dence in her. But if you can’t han­dle men like she does, then a cig­a­rette won’t help. And most like­ly, it is more log­i­cal to start with a gym and mas­ter class­es in wum-build­ing.


When every­thing is gen­er­al­ly not bad, and you know how to enjoy life and know how to do it your­self, and in gen­er­al every­thing is pret­ty good around, there is a great chance to relax that match. In such bliss, you don’t want to beat your­self with a whip on the ass and dri­ve to new achieve­ments at all. But life does not stand still, and as it was writ­ten on the ring of King Solomon, “Every­thing will pass, and this too will pass.” Soon­er or lat­er, moments of ascen­sion give way to less pleas­ant moments of the bot­tom. And in order not to fall on it, you need to con­stant­ly keep the tem­po-rhythm. Keep all your dreams and long-term plans in front of you and do some­thing to achieve them, and there is not much time in the day. There­fore, if after work you like to go to a noisy fun bar, it would be much more use­ful to spend 20 min­utes read­ing a book that you need than smok­ing. In addi­tion, the press will nev­er be super­flu­ous to shake.

Those who say that they have redone all their affairs are lying to them­selves. Things will always come up, so wast­ing time doing noth­ing is like spend­ing mon­ey on cig­a­rettes.

how to stop smoking

Under­stand your­self, take your time, do not burn bridges, and then it will be eas­i­er for you to quit smok­ing. In any case, it will take willpow­er to com­plete­ly break away from your favorite habit, but it will be much eas­i­er to do some­thing with an under­stand­ing of the back­ground.

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