How to strengthen hair at home

April 15, 2017, 10:00 am

In the spring, our hair has many ene­mies — rain, strong, wind, pol­lut­ed air on the street and radi­a­tors in the premis­es. As a result of all these influ­ences, the hair looks dull and weak. Strength­en your hair with home reme­dies, herbal masks and rins­es.

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Hair mask: mix 1 tbsp. a spoon­ful of dry herbs of sage, plan­tain, net­tle and oregano. Pour the mix­ture with a liter of boil­ing water and leave for an hour. Strain, add mashed black bread to the infu­sion and mix to make a slur­ry. Apply the warm mix­ture to the scalp and hair, cov­er with a plas­tic bag and a cot­ton tow­el. After 1.5–2 hours, wash off the mask with warm water, but do not wash your hair with sham­poo that day. Repeat the pro­ce­dure once a month.

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Pam­per weak­ened hair with a beau­ty elixir: 2 tbsp. mix spoons of aloe juice with 1 tea­spoon of cas­tor oil and rub the mix­ture into the hair roots 20 min­utes before wash­ing your hair.

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To make your hair stronger and health­i­er, sup­port it “from the inside”. In win­ter this is very impor­tant. And the bio­log­i­cal sub­stance biotin will help in this. This vit­a­min is nec­es­sary for the for­ma­tion of ker­atin, which is part of the skin, nails and hair. The vit­a­min is found in nuts, egg yolk, beef liv­er, pork kid­neys, cot­tage cheese, cheese, soy­beans, bananas. Phar­ma­cies sell this drug as a dietary sup­ple­ment.

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To pre­vent your hair from becom­ing elec­tri­fied, use essen­tial oils. Before comb­ing, apply a few drops of rose or laven­der oil to the brush. They will not only give your hair a beau­ti­ful shine, but also become a nat­ur­al anti­sta­t­ic agent.


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