How to take care of your hair in summer

In sum­mer, our hair suf­fers much more than at oth­er times of the year. High air tem­per­a­ture, dry­ness, scorch­ing sun and a lot of dust make them­selves felt. Hair becomes brit­tle, thin, life­less, nat­ur­al shine and elas­tic­i­ty dis­ap­pear.

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But exter­nal changes are already a con­se­quence of vio­la­tions of the inter­nal struc­ture of the hair, as well as the scalp. Under the influ­ence of ultra­vi­o­let rays, the hair begins to break down from the inside, as the hot scorch­ing sun destroys the fat­ty lay­er of the hair fol­li­cle. The scales that cov­er the hair grad­u­al­ly begin to flake off, as a result, the hair weak­ens, fades and breaks.

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The hot sum­mer wind also neg­a­tive­ly affects the scalp. Its action is sim­i­lar to a hair dry­er, which dries the skin a lot, after which dan­druff may appear. And if all this is “sea­soned” with sea water, then with­out the nec­es­sary care, the hair will com­plete­ly weak­en.
Salt water wash­es away vital ker­atin. The struc­ture of the hair is destroyed and they do not look pre­sentable at all: they can­not be put togeth­er in a hair­style, they stick out in dif­fer­ent direc­tions, fall out, and it is com­plete­ly impos­si­ble to comb them.
What to do to avoid all this, but not to make a lot of effort? After all, not every girl is ready to spend huge sums on hair restora­tion in beau­ty salons.

Summer Rules

The most impor­tant and afford­able rule is to always pro­tect your hair from direct sun­light. Wear a cap, pana­ma, hat. It is advis­able to choose a head­dress in light shades. Under pana­ma hair roots will always be pro­tect­ed.

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But, if the hair is long, then the tips become the most vul­ner­a­ble. To pre­vent their dry­ness, you need to use spe­cial means for mois­tur­iz­ing. Choose those where the com­po­si­tion con­tains var­i­ous oils: jojo­ba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

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It is pos­si­ble to pre­pare a mask for inten­sive hair mois­tur­iz­ing at home. You will need: 3 tbsp. spoons of olive oil, 1 tea­spoon of lemon juice and 1 egg yolk. The recipe is designed for hair of medi­um den­si­ty and shoul­der length, with thick­er and longer hair, the pro­por­tions must be increased. All ingre­di­ents must be mixed and applied to washed, damp hair along the entire length. Wrap your head in a tow­el and wait 20 min­utes. If the hair is very dry, then 30 is pos­si­ble. Then wash off the mask with warm water. After such a pro­ce­dure, it is bet­ter not to dry your hair with a hairdry­er, so as not to injure it again and not to dry it out.

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Coconut oil is great for mois­tur­iz­ing hair. It can be applied sim­ply to clean, damp hair and washed off after 1–2 hours. It is fat­ty and very nutri­tious, so there is no need to mix it with any­thing.
After the mask, be sure to use a rinse to make your hair silky and elas­tic.

Herbs will help

In a duet with a home­made mask, a home­made mois­tur­iz­ing rinse works well. They can be any herbal decoc­tion, for exam­ple, based on chamomile, net­tle, string, lin­den, mint, lemon balm. You can also brew green tea and add a few drops of vine­gar to it. Such rins­es will not harm your hair, as they do not con­tain any chem­i­cal addi­tives.

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Herbal tinc­tures are the best option for rins­ing hair in sum­mer.
Home­made mois­tur­iz­ing masks will be effec­tive if done at least sev­er­al times a week. And you can and should rinse your hair with herbal decoc­tions after each wash. This will only ben­e­fit.
If pos­si­ble, refuse to use irons and curl­ing irons in the sum­mer. They dry out the hair very much, make it look life­less. If, nev­er­the­less, you use such things, then before that you need to treat your hair with spe­cial means for pro­tec­tion.

Shampoo for summer

In sum­mer, sham­poo must be cho­sen care­ful­ly. Your dai­ly rem­e­dy may not be enough nour­ish­ing and effec­tive for dry and brit­tle hair.

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The com­po­si­tion of the sham­poo for the sum­mer must include com­po­nents such as ker­atin (it is washed out with salty sea water), silk pro­teins (ensure hair smooth­ness and pre­vent brit­tle­ness), jojo­ba oil or oth­er oil (mois­tur­iz­ing hair from the roots), chamomile extract, net­tle, lin­den or anoth­er herb. Sum­mer sham­poo should not be over­loaded with chem­i­cals and con­tain only the most nec­es­sary trace ele­ments to main­tain hair tone.
In sum­mer, you need to wash your hair more often, as the sun dries your hair a lot. You need to wash your hair not with hot water, but with warm. After all, boil­ing water pro­vokes the scalp to pro­duce sebum. The pores open even more and the seba­ceous glands begin to work active­ly.


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