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Juicy rud­dy shish kebab, fra­grant grilled veg­eta­bles, fresh herbs and spicy sauce — can any­thing be tasti­er? Of course, meat on the grill is the main dish at a pic­nic. How­ev­er, in addi­tion to it, you can cook a huge vari­ety of tasty and healthy dish­es.

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The choice of dish­es for a pic­nic depends on indi­vid­ual culi­nary pref­er­ences, as well as on the place and type of recre­ation. For exam­ple, if you plan to just sit with friends on the lawn of a city park, then prod­ucts that require cook­ing on an open fire, of course, should be imme­di­ate­ly delet­ed from the shop­ping list. If bar­be­cue is includ­ed in your plans, then feel free to choose recipes for bar­be­cue, fish and veg­eta­bles on the grill.

Believe me, they are worth it to cook them! Our edi­tors have already man­aged to test most of them for the May hol­i­days. Book­mark the recipe page as a cheat sheet for the entire hot pic­nic sea­son. It will help you to make every out­ing into nature orig­i­nal.

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So what can you cook at a pic­nic besides the tra­di­tion­al bar­be­cue?


how to make strawberry cheese salad


The main ingre­di­ents of pic­nic sal­ads are, of course, veg­eta­bles. You can com­bine them any way you like. It is best to cook sal­ads right in nature. This will max­i­mize their fresh­ness, taste and appear­ance. It is also impor­tant to choose the right fill­ing. Refuse may­on­naise, because it spoils very quick­ly. Do you want trou­ble? The same applies to all dress­ings based on fer­ment­ed milk prod­ucts (sour cream, yogurt, etc.). Olive or sun­flower oil, lemon juice with mus­tard is the best and very tasty option.

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canape with olives - photo


In nature, you always want to eat. While the main dish­es are being pre­pared, you will need to chew some­thing. This is where sand­wich­es, canapes, pita rolls and oth­er pic­nic snacks come in handy. They can be pre­pared in advance at home, or you can “fold” already at a pic­nic. So they will be tasti­er and more appe­tiz­ing. By the way, slices of bread for sand­wich­es and canapes can be fried over a fire. They will become espe­cial­ly tasty and crunchy. As for the fill­ing, here you can fan­ta­size as much as you like: cheese, meat, sausage, veg­eta­bles, pates, bacon …

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bur­da media

It rarely comes to desserts at a pic­nic. How­ev­er, if you are plan­ning a rest until late or with an overnight stay, you will def­i­nite­ly want sweets. Do not buy cakes and pas­tries with fat­ty but­ter creams. First­ly, they can dete­ri­o­rate, and sec­ond­ly, they will “leak” in the heat. It is bet­ter to bring sweet ingre­di­ents with you and cook them on the spot. For exam­ple, you can fry bananas with choco­late fill­ing on the grill or even cook apple strudel on the fire!

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