Outdoor games for adults

April 28, 2017, 15:11

Foot­ball, vol­ley­ball, croc­o­dile, tug-of-war… Are all the mem­bers of your com­pa­ny tired of the tra­di­tion­al games with which you can have fun while the meat is on the grill? Offer your friends a cou­ple of new fun!


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If your com­rades like to fool around, it will not be dif­fi­cult to per­suade them to play Mam­moth. With the help of lots, deter­mine which of those who want to have fun will por­tray the ani­mal. The rest of the game par­tic­i­pants are prim­i­tive hunters whose main task is to catch the beast.

Hunters need to arm them­selves with a net. It can be a large bed­spread or sheet. Dur­ing the game, the net­work can­not be released — the one who is behind the team can­not con­tin­ue to par­tic­i­pate in the enter­tain­ment.


Do you remem­ber the chil­dren’s fairy tale in which the wife, in order to annoy her hus­band, did every­thing in reverse? So in this game — the leader shows some exer­cise, and the rest of the par­tic­i­pants per­form it “top­sy-turvy”. For exam­ple, if the facil­i­ta­tor rais­es their hands, the play­ers must low­er them. The one who made a mis­take takes the place of the leader.

“Two Rings”

Draw a large ring on the ground or sand, and a small one inside it, and ask your friends to take com­fort­able posi­tions in this field. Play­ers can be either out­side the big ring or in the mid­dle of the small one. The goal is to force oppo­nents to step into the for­bid­den ter­ri­to­ry, while hold­ing on to it.

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