Spring diet from TV presenter Yulia Zoriy

April 05, 2017, 19:44

Julia Zoriy, host of the morn­ing show on ICTV (“Morn­ing in the Big City”) shares a proven recipe on how to pre­pare your body for spring and tight­en your fig­ure.

Julia Zoriy

“I have tried, prob­a­bly, all the diets that you can think of. More­over, I invent­ed them myself, went to nutri­tion­ists, lost weight under their super­vi­sion. But then I real­ized that until I take it strict­ly myself, no one will help me. And at some point I real­ized that the most effec­tive diet is to close your mouth and not eat. You just need con­trol and some restric­tions. Hard diets are not for me.

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There­fore, I myself devel­oped a sched­ule of what I eat, and what helps me keep myself in shape. After the morn­ing broad­cast — be sure to have oat­meal with nuts and raisins. For me, this is the per­fect break­fast. Then a work­out, after which I can eat a sal­ad, some kind of bread. For lunch — a piece of boiled meat and some boiled veg­eta­bles (in win­ter — even frozen from a bag). After din­ner I can drink yogurt, eat cot­tage cheese. In the evening — also sal­ad, fish, or fil­let, veal. I eat often, but lit­tle by lit­tle.

Julia Zoriy

If you want to throw off, then you need to exclude flour and sweets. But it’s easy for me to give up. I would not advise any­one to for­bid any­thing at all.

As for sports, I work out hard, every day, except for week­ends. Twice a week — indi­vid­ual train­ing with a train­er and three times — group train­ing. Work­ing with a coach dis­ci­plines me a lot. Besides the fact that he devotes time only to me, he also cre­ates an indi­vid­ual pro­gram, because he knows bet­ter what exact­ly my body needs.

Julia Zoriy

One work­out — strength exer­cis­es for indi­vid­ual parts of the body (thighs, but­tocks). And the sec­ond one is cir­cu­lar. We repeat the same exer­cis­es three times, for all mus­cle groups at a fast pace. After such train­ing, of course, you get very tired, but they are worth it. I pre­fer to go to the gym imme­di­ate­ly after the broad­cast. Because if I return home and fall asleep (and I have such a reg­i­men that I sleep dur­ing the day), then I won’t be able to force myself. But after train­ing I come back, I am sat­is­fied with myself.

My advice, the main thing is how you feel, how you like your­self. If you do not have enough willpow­er for diets, go in for sports. Find the diet that works best for you.


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