Summer exacerbation of varicose veins: how to help yourself, how to eat, what not to do

In the heat, the legs swell more. And with the expan­sion of the veins, even more so — in the sum­mer, vari­cose veins wors­en. How can you help your feet?

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How to eat with varicose veins in the summer

With vari­cose veins, you need to act in sev­er­al direc­tions at once. First - adjust the menu. The walls of venous ves­sels strength­en the vit­a­mins con­tained in veg­eta­bles and fruits. Espe­cial­ly use­ful are apples, car­rots, beets, cau­li­flower, onions, gar­lic, horse­rad­ish, cit­rus fruits and dried fruits. For break­fast, it is good to eat cere­als — for exam­ple, pearl bar­ley or oat­meal. At lunch — chick­en, turkey or fish: they pass through the intestines faster, pre­vent­ing con­sti­pa­tion.

But fat­ty, spicy, salty, dairy prod­ucts, legumes and pas­tries can pro­voke them. In order for the blood to cir­cu­late nor­mal­ly, drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Avoid cof­fee and alco­hol. They increase the tone and loosen the cir­cu­la­to­ry sys­tem, oth­er­wise it leads to an exac­er­ba­tion of vari­cose veins.

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Impor­tant: to make it eas­i­er to endure the heat, you can brew herbal teas that thin the blood. For exam­ple, lung­wort, chico­ry, hazel or mead­owsweet. Do not for­get to take phle­boton­ics and oth­er med­i­cines pre­scribed by your doc­tor. And from our video you will learn how to save your­self from the heat in a city apart­ment. Watch and take advan­tage of our tips!

What not to do with varicose veins in the summer

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  1. Sit with your legs crossed. In this posi­tion, venous out­flow is dif­fi­cult. In addi­tion, if you sit all day at work, often turn your feet in a cir­cle to the left and right, rise on your toes and on your heels. In the evening, lie down, rais­ing your legs 15 cm above your body. This will avoid the sum­mer exac­er­ba­tion of vari­cose veins.
  2. Wear stilet­to heels or nar­row pumps in hot weath­er. With vari­cose veins, you need soft com­fort­able shoes with a heel no high­er than 3–4 cm. Leave stilet­tos and pumps for spe­cial occa­sions.
  3. Take throm­bolyt­ics with­out a doc­tor’s pre­scrip­tion. For exam­ple, with deep vein vari­cose veins, they can dis­solve a venous throm­bus, and its detached frag­ments can pro­voke seri­ous com­pli­ca­tions.

How to choose stockings for varicose veins

If the phle­bol­o­gist rec­om­mend­ed to con­stant­ly wear com­pres­sion stock­ings, you need to do this in the sum­mer. Just choose as thin and breath­able as pos­si­ble (the degree of com­pres­sion of stock­ings does not depend on their den­si­ty). If venous insuf­fi­cien­cy is not very pro­nounced, stock­ings can be removed in the heat. Or replace them with knee socks. The com­pres­sion class is assigned by the phle­bol­o­gist. Your task is to choose the right size. To do this, in the morn­ing (until the legs are swollen), mea­sure the size of the foot, the vol­ume of the ankle, calf and thigh. Do not buy stock­ings in a phar­ma­cy just for the size of the foot!

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Impor­tant: try to be less in direct sun­light, espe­cial­ly in the heat. With vari­cose veins, it is dan­ger­ous for the devel­op­ment of a troph­ic ulcer. Pour cold water on your feet more often or rub them with an ice cube. This will relieve ten­sion in the legs.

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