Why do eyes and face swell in the morning

Reflec­tion in the mir­ror imme­di­ate­ly after get­ting out of bed is usu­al­ly very upset­ting. A puffy face, bruis­ing or bags under the eyes, and a gen­er­al “rum­pled” look do not con­tribute to a pro­duc­tive day. And only after the first cup of cof­fee it becomes pos­si­ble to look at your­self. Why is this hap­pen­ing? We are try­ing to fig­ure out the rea­sons.

swelling in the morning how to deal

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The face in the morn­ing most reflects the lifestyle that you lead. An unbal­anced diet, bad habits, lack of sleep and stress lead to swelling and gray skin tone. In order to change your face in the morn­ing, you need to rebuild your whole day from the first min­utes of wak­ing up, include sports in your sched­ule and stop eat­ing junk food.

How to remove swelling in the morning

Prob­lems: slow lymph flow, weak vas­cu­lar tone.

What to do: an hour and a half before bed­time, stop drink­ing water, and if the thirst is strong, take 2–3 sips of clean water. Watch your drink­ing regime care­ful­ly through­out the day. Drink 1.5–2 liters of pure water with­out gas per day. If the body does not have enough mois­ture, it will retain it, and if you drink too much at night, the body will not have time to process it. Before going to bed, do light relax­ing gym­nas­tics or an evening set of yoga exer­cis­es. This will improve blood cir­cu­la­tion and set up the body for night work.

why do my eyes swell in the morning

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How to remove bruises under the eyes

Prob­lems: poor out­flow of venous blood. Anoth­er option is anato­my. In the sec­ond case, the bones on the face are arranged in such a way that a shad­ow con­stant­ly falls on the area under the eyes.

What to do: use an eye cream to stim­u­late blood cir­cu­la­tion. Apply it with pat­ting motions. Go in for sports: phys­i­cal activ­i­ty in gen­er­al improves blood flow, increas­es vas­cu­lar tone and improves well-being. If the prob­lem is anatom­i­cal, pick up a good con­ceal­er.

how to remove bruises under the eyes

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How to remove bags under the eyes

Prob­lems: flu­id reten­tion in the body, aller­gic reac­tions.

What to do: use eye creams with a lym­phat­ic drainage effect, drink enough liq­uid dur­ing the day and play sports. Ede­ma in the eye area occurs due to dis­or­ders in the func­tion­ing of the kid­neys, aller­gies, or liq­uid fill­ing of fat cells in the eye­lid. In order to find the best solu­tion, it is worth find­ing out what pro­vokes their for­ma­tion in you. In the morn­ing, you can do the Surya Namaskar exer­cise, which awak­ens the body and improves blood cir­cu­la­tion. It takes up to 10 min­utes and will ener­gize you for the whole day. Cos­met­i­cal­ly, the prob­lem is solved by using patch­es for the area around the eyes. If the prob­lem is aller­gic, look for the irri­tat­ing fac­tor and try to elim­i­nate it.

why do my eyes swell in the morning

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How to restore healthy skin color

Prob­lems: the skin does not have time to be updat­ed in time, it is exhaust­ed.

What to do: improve the qual­i­ty of sleep and select the right facial care. For a com­plete renew­al, the body needs 8 hours of rest in a cool, well-ven­ti­lat­ed area. Make sure you sleep in these con­di­tions. Before going to bed, thor­ough­ly cleanse your face, apply serum and detox cream to speed up the meta­bol­ic process­es in the skin. And do not for­get about reg­u­lar and high-qual­i­ty self-care.

beautiful complexion

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How to improve your morning well-being in general

Prob­lems: lack of ener­gy, apa­thy, loss of strength.

What to do: adjust the dai­ly rou­tine so that 8 hours of sleep remain. Sleep not on a soft, but on an anatom­i­cal pil­low, so that breath­ing and blood flow are not dif­fi­cult. Walk more in the fresh air, play sports, do not eat 2–3 hours before bed­time. When you start to improve your life step by step, the changes will be notice­able all day long!

swelling in the morning

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