Diet by the hour: how to lose weight without starving

07 March 2017, 09:20

Reach your ide­al weight with­out starv­ing? This is pos­si­ble if you fol­low a chrono diet, that is, a diet by the hour. Let’s tell you what it’s all about!

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Biorhythm weight loss

The tedious count­ing of calo­ries is a com­mon thing for those who mon­i­tor their weight. But this does not make much sense, say chrono­bi­ol­o­gists (trans­lat­ed from the Greek “chronos” — “time”). Explor­ing the inter­nal clock of the human body, they brought out the so-called chrono-diet, or diet by the clock. Doc­tors pro­ceed from the hypoth­e­sis that the pro­duc­tion of diges­tive enzymes is sub­ject to bio­rhythms. So, for each type of food there is a “right” time. For exam­ple, the body in the morn­ing, after­noon and evening is dif­fer­ent­ly sen­si­tive to car­bo­hy­drates. Eat a cook­ie at the wrong time and the arrow on the scale will swing to the right!

How to eat on a chrono diet

When going on a diet by the hour, it is impor­tant to remem­ber that the day is divid­ed into 4 phas­es:

Stage 1: In the morn­ing hours (from 6.00 to 9.00) enzymes are active­ly pro­duced that break down fats. Pro­tein foods will also be digest­ed well at this time. On the table: scram­bled eggs, a slice of bread with but­ter, toast with a piece of meat. It is bet­ter not to abuse prod­ucts con­tain­ing sim­ple sug­ars — they will lead to a jump in blood sug­ar, while the amount of insulin in the morn­ing is still small and it does not
can con­vert all that glu­cose into ener­gy.

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Phase 2: After 13.00 enzymes are pro­duced in large quan­ti­ties that break down pro­tein foods. More­over, at this time, a suf­fi­cient amount of insulin enters the blood­stream. So at lunch you will need car­bo­hy­drates in the com­pa­ny of pro­teins — to give strength! It can be veg­etable soups or pas­ta with lean meat.

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Stage 3: For an after­noon snack, you can afford some­thing sweet! From 16.00 to 18.00 insulin pro­duc­tion is max­i­mized. Fruit sal­ad and some choco­late — what you need for a diet by the hour!

Phase 4: After 18.00 car­bo­hy­drate metab­o­lism is declin­ing. This is due to a decrease in the activ­i­ty of the pan­creas, as well as the fact that the liv­er begins to inhib­it insulin metab­o­lism. Decreased pro­duc­tion of diges­tive juices. There­fore, din­ner should be light — for exam­ple, fish or turkey, com­bined with a green sal­ad.

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Keep in mind, any diet, includ­ing a diet by the clock, is effec­tive only when the metab­o­lism is accel­er­at­ed. How to dis­perse the metab­o­lism, see our video.


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