Foods that contain hidden calories

March 27, 2017, 7:08 p.m


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It turns out that the food that you used to con­sid­er low-calo­rie and healthy can con­tain a huge amount of hid­den calo­ries.

“Lisa” invites you to get acquaint­ed with the most insid­i­ous prod­ucts that only seem harm­less.

Mues­li bars

Are you sure that diet bars are much health­i­er than choco­late bars? Unfor­tu­nate­ly, they con­tain no less sug­ar than oth­er sweets. In addi­tion, instead of whole grains, cere­al bars are usu­al­ly added to mues­li bars.


In fact, there are few­er calo­ries in a spoon­ful of sug­ar than in the same amount of hon­ey, because the bee prod­uct is thick and denser in con­sis­ten­cy.


Choose only nat­ur­al fat-free yoghurts. Whole milk prod­ucts are too high in fat, and fruit-fla­vored yoghurts are too high in sug­ar.

Veg­etable oil

Before pour­ing half a pan of sun­flower or olive oil, con­sid­er that each table­spoon of it con­tains more than 120 kilo­calo­ries. It is bet­ter not to pour the oil direct­ly from the bot­tle, but to light­ly sprin­kle the dish with it. Sal­ads can be sea­soned with soy sauce or bal­sam­ic vine­gar.

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