High calorie breakfast helps you lose weight

07 March 2017, 15:41

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Nutri­tion­ists have long been con­vinced of the ben­e­fits of break­fast. And recent stud­ies by Israeli sci­en­tists have shown that you need not just to have break­fast, but to have a hearty and high-calo­rie break­fast. Such a morn­ing meal not only helps to lose weight, but also helps reg­u­late blood pres­sure, pro­tects against car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­eases and dia­betes.

Tel Aviv Uni­ver­si­ty pro­fes­sor Daniela Yakubovits con­duct­ed an exper­i­ment in which 93 obese women took part. The sci­en­tists divid­ed them into two groups and “put” them on a 3‑month diet with a mod­er­ate con­tent of fats and car­bo­hy­drates. The total calo­rie con­tent of the diet was 1400 calo­ries per day.

One group ate 700 calo­ries for break­fast, 500 calo­ries for lunch, and 200 for din­ner. The oth­er group had 200 calo­ries for break­fast, 500 for lunch, and 700 for din­ner.

At the end of the exper­i­ment, it turned out that women from the first group lost an aver­age of 8 kilo­grams, while the rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the sec­ond group lost about 3 kilo­grams. In addi­tion, in the first group, the con­cen­tra­tion of the appetite hor­mone was sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced.

Thus, the head of the study, Daniela Jakubovits, advis­es to orga­nize your diet in such a way that the main meal falls on break­fast. By the way, if you can’t give up sweets, eat sweets and cakes for break­fast — Pro­fes­sor Yakubovitz is sure that this will not lead to a sig­nif­i­cant increase in sug­ar, insulin and cho­les­terol lev­els dur­ing the day.

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