How to go to bed early: 5 secrets

March 16, 2017, 8:17 p.m

If you are still won­der­ing how to learn to go to bed ear­ly, we pub­lish these 5 secrets that we solved espe­cial­ly for you.

How to go to bed early

To lie down ear­ly, you need quite a bit — a lit­tle effort on your­self and a good incen­tive. And here he is, hold on!

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The fact is that peo­ple who know how to go to bed ear­ly are actu­al­ly just used to going to bed at the same time. Take our word for it: if you go to bed at 10 pm every day, it will become eas­i­er to get up in the morn­ing. Yes, you will have to accus­tom your­self to a sched­ule in which the hours of awak­en­ing will coin­cide dai­ly.

Sleep­ing is a mat­ter of habit. And self-dis­ci­pline is some­thing that will come in handy in any area of ​​life. Both in work and in per­son­al life, it is impor­tant to be aware of what is hap­pen­ing and always keep your­self in con­trol. This qual­i­ty will also help in the prob­lem of lack of sleep.

Get rid of excess


Think about what pre­vents you from going to bed on time: social net­works, com­put­er games, series? Every­one has their own bad habit that takes time. Make a list of things that keep you from going to bed.

Stop sit­ting on social net­works until night, start read­ing books instead of TV shows, and for­get about com­put­er games (only if this is not relat­ed to the pro­fes­sion, of course). Less bad habits — more time to sleep. And you’ll go to bed ear­ly if you don’t waste your time doing things you could do with­out.



There is anoth­er inter­est­ing way of moti­va­tion that will make you go to bed ear­li­er than usu­al. The secret of this method is sim­ple: you come home, have a light din­ner, and then take a bub­ble bath. Before that, you accu­rate­ly cal­cu­late the time that you need to devote to din­ner and tak­ing a bath.

And then you turn on roman­tic music, light can­dles. It is advis­able to car­ry out such relax­ation pro­ce­dures for a cou­ple with anoth­er per­son, because it is much more pleas­ant to share hap­pi­ness in half. But you also need to pam­per your­self!



Anoth­er secret lies in the con­cept of “pro­gram your­self.” In order to accom­plish this, you will need willpow­er and desire. If you can’t fall asleep for a long time, think about the fact that tomor­row will come a won­der­ful day, for which it is worth get­ting enough sleep. You need to wake up ener­gized to be ready for a busy day, right?



Odd­ly enough, but it is read­ing before bed­time that con­tributes to good sleep. It is advis­able to read moti­vat­ing books, beau­ti­ful descrip­tions of oth­er peo­ple’s life sit­u­a­tions — this is not what you need at night. And besides, for an artis­tic plot, you can sit up until the morn­ing, expe­ri­enc­ing var­i­ous emo­tions, sym­pa­thiz­ing and wor­ry­ing about the main char­ac­ters. But, for exam­ple, busi­ness lit­er­a­ture not only helps to devel­op, but can also sud­den­ly sug­gest answers to ques­tions that you have been look­ing for for so long.

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