How to help a man lose weight

March 21, 2017, 5:45 p.m

3 secrets to help you secret­ly get your loved one in shape.



Nutri­tion­ist Svet­lana Fus told in the TV mag­a­zine “Every­thing will be kind” on STB how to help a man lose weight with­out his knowl­edge. And the gyne­col­o­gist Lyud­mi­la Shu­penyuk con­duct­ed a sim­ple exper­i­ment on her hus­band and she man­aged to make him lose weight.

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With the help of a spe­cial­ly pre­pared pie pre­pared by Lyud­mi­la accord­ing to the recipe of Svet­lana Fus, you can help a man lose weight. In addi­tion, there are sev­er­al oth­er female tricks that will help a man under­stand that he real­ly needs to lose weight.

More­over, a man should be inter­est­ed in los­ing weight and moti­vat­ed for the result.

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What exper­i­ments did women go to so that their hus­bands take care of their health and lose weight, and what results were achieved at the end, see the next video.

How to help a man lose weight (Video)


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