What does rapid weight loss lead to?

06 March 2017, 21:58

Do you dream of say­ing good­bye to extra pounds as soon as pos­si­ble, and there­fore chose a fash­ion­able express diet for your­self?

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Strict restric­tion in food is a seri­ous stress for your body. From this arti­cle you will find out what rapid weight loss leads to!

feel­ing cold

You prob­a­bly know that a hun­gry per­son freezes much faster than a full one. That is why in the win­ter, nutri­tion­ists do not rec­om­mend reduc­ing the calo­rie con­tent of the diet.

Weak­ened immu­ni­ty

Dur­ing a diet, the body, as a rule, does not receive all the vit­a­mins and min­er­als nec­es­sary for nor­mal func­tion­ing. And first of all, immu­ni­ty suf­fers from this.

Prob­lems with hair, skin and nails

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Are you sure that los­ing weight quick­ly will help you trans­form? Just the oppo­site! In con­di­tions of mal­nu­tri­tion, the body takes nutri­ents from organs that are less impor­tant (skin, hair, nails) and gives them to those with­out which it can­not func­tion (kid­neys, heart, liv­er).

Under­mined health

Gas­tri­tis, con­sti­pa­tion, dys­bac­te­rio­sis, decreased pres­sure — and this is not a com­plete list of dis­eases that are diag­nosed in lovers of express diets. Rapid weight loss can even cause men­tal dis­or­ders, includ­ing anorex­ia and oth­er eat­ing dis­or­ders.

sag­ging skin

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When extra pounds go away grad­u­al­ly, the skin has time to tight­en. How­ev­er, with a sharp weight loss on the arms, sides and abdomen, as a rule, stretch marks appear, and the skin begins to sag.

Rapid weight gain

The body, which for sev­er­al days had to live in sav­ing mode, will begin to store fat for future use as soon as you relax and switch to a reg­u­lar diet. And this time, the kilo­grams will be added twice as much!

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