What factors can affect the quality of sleep

March 26, 2017, 11:11 p.m

Sci­en­tists from the Pacif­ic Amer­i­can Med­ical Cen­ter in Cal­i­for­nia found that poor sleep qual­i­ty can sig­nif­i­cant­ly age the body and “steal” about five years of a per­son­’s life.

Photo: Thinkstock/ fotobank.ua

Pho­to: Thinkstock/ fotobank.ua

Researchers are sure that the qual­i­ty of sleep is more impor­tant than its quan­ti­ty — healthy and sound sleep is nec­es­sary for human health.

Among the fac­tors that can affect the qual­i­ty of sleep, experts call the fol­low­ing:


Con­stant wor­ries and end­less ner­vous ten­sion, in the end, depress the immune sys­tem and weak­en the body’s defens­es. As a result, sleep becomes rest­less and super­fi­cial.

Bad habits

Nat­ur­al process­es in the body are vio­lat­ed when a cer­tain dai­ly rou­tine is not observed and bad habits are abused. Sleep­ing late, drink­ing alco­hol at night, or overeat­ing in the evening can lead to sleep dis­tur­bance.


Both phys­i­cal and men­tal fatigue can lead to chron­ic insom­nia due to overex­ci­ta­tion in var­i­ous parts of the brain.


Liv­ing in an area with a lack of green areas, as well as pol­lut­ed air, can lead to oxy­gen star­va­tion and, accord­ing­ly, a dete­ri­o­ra­tion in the qual­i­ty of sleep.

Uncom­fort­able sleep con­di­tions

The qual­i­ty of sleep direct­ly depends on the com­fort that a per­son expe­ri­ences when going to sleep. Inad­e­quate sleep can be caused by dust in the room, too dry air in the bed­room, or an uncom­fort­able bed. Experts advise to ven­ti­late the sleep­ing area before going to bed, reg­u­lar­ly car­ry out wet clean­ing and pur­chase a com­fort­able mat­tress.

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