5 homemade rosehip beauty recipes

Feb­ru­ary 18, 2017, 18:55

Rose­hip, which con­tains many vit­a­mins, pro­duces nat­ur­al and healthy cos­met­ics that can be eas­i­ly cre­at­ed at home.

rosehip cosmetics

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Lotion for age spots. Mix 3 tbsp. spoons of rose­hip juice with 2 tbsp. table­spoons of lemon juice and 0.5 cups of cucum­ber juice. Wipe face morn­ing and evening.

rosehip lotion

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Whiten­ing lotion. Brew 2 tbsp. table­spoons crushed rose hips 1 tbsp. boil­ing water, leave for 1 hour, strain, add 1 tea­spoon of apple cider vine­gar and mix well. Wipe face with lotion.
Scrub: 1 st. mix a spoon­ful of pow­dered rose­hip seeds with 1 tbsp. a spoon­ful of sour cream. Apply 1 time per week.

mask for the face

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To cleanse dry skin. Take dry rose­hip seeds, grind in a cof­fee grinder into pow­der. Then mix 1 tea­spoon of the result­ing rose­hip pow­der with 2 tea­spoons of sour cream, add 4–5 drops of lemon juice, mix. Apply the result­ing scrub to damp skin and rub for about 2–3 min­utes. After that, leave the mix­ture on your face for anoth­er 10–15 min­utes. Then wash off with warm water.

Hair mask, Photo

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Ton­ing hair mask. Take 2 tbsp. spoons of wild rose, 1 cup boil­ing water, 1 tbsp. spoon of lemon juice and 1 tbsp. a spoon­ful of oat­meal. Rose­hip pour boil­ing water and insist for 30 min­utes. Strain. Only 2 tbsp. spoons of infu­sion mixed with lemon juice and flour. Dis­trib­ute the mask even­ly over the hair, rinse with reg­u­lar sham­poo after 20 min­utes.

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